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Biopsy Positive (?), Anemia, Confusion With Blood Tests Igg Igb Etc.

17 February 2013 - 10:31 AM

Hi everyone, I've been reading and following this forum for a while now and would really appreciate help with my current predicament.

I had an upper and lower endoscopy a year ago for Gastroparesis. I recently found out that the biopsy of small intestine showed inflammation and positive sign for possible Celiac. I have no idea what that means, if it's just inflammation or the villi.

I have had all the symptoms of celiac disease for about 15 years but the last year and a half have become severe. I have lost 147 pounds in 18 months which they think is from Gastroparesis although that testing was inconclusive. I can only eat a few foods right now and have absolutely no appetite. I am also anemic and have low B12.

Inflammatory markers in serum are positive and also have a positive ANA with homogenous titer pattern.

Was diagnosed with Primary Sjogrens last week and he also suspects Celiac and maybe Lupus. But my blood tests are confusing me. (haven't seen the doc again yet)

Both my TTG IGg A and IGg Ab show my level at >10 with the 'standard range' listed as >20. Does this mean that my levels are low and that I don't have Celiac?

My Beta globulins are also low.

I sure hope I don't as bread and crackers are among the things I can still eat!

My mother was told she was allergic to wheat when she was in her late 40's. I don't know if she actually had testing or if she and her doctor just figured that out using an elimination diet without testing. Don't know if she had celiac disease.

What do my blood tests mean?

Thanks, Lois

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