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Just another Celiac

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In Topic: How Do You Keep A Mixed Kitchen Without Glutening Your Child?

21 February 2013 - 06:54 PM

If you are the only one that truly touches the food and/or the other ones know the rules and strictly adhere to them (you too).

It can be done. My son is just not capable. For now.

My husband fixes himself snacks and sandwiches and occasionally makes lunch or toast for our children who are 3 and 4 years old. So in otherwords I do almost all of it they do just enough to cross contaminate food!!! The first weekend after being diagnoised my dh got a peice of toast stuck in the toaster so he "cleaned" it out and left a pile of crumbs all over the counter for me to clean up!!! And as of right now we have 3 cubes (the 1/2 cup) of butter in different amounts sitting on the counter because I will use one and set it aside for it to be mine and then dh comes in and see's that butter sitting there and decides to use it instead of "his" container of butter ugh!!!

In Topic: We Need To Start A Thread On Stupid Stuff Doctors Say!

21 February 2013 - 11:48 AM

Gastroenterologist walks into the room, looks at my chart and says: "You have Celiac Disease. Go look it up on the internet. Come back in 6 months". Then walks out. That was the appointment where I was given the diagnosis.

Another doctor: "since the Celiac came on so quickly, I'm sure it will disappear just as quickly."

NOT to make light of your situation, I think that telling you to go google it is outragous I MEAN REALLY why are we paying them if we can find the info on the Web!!! But at least you got an appointment!!!!
My doctor didn't even call me he had one of the office peons call the phone call lasted maybe a minute

She goes: your blood work came back positive for Celiacs Disease, the doctor recommends you go on a gluten-free diet and if you have anyother questions call the hospital and talk to a nutritionist. I  managed to ask if they recommended anyone and she goes no anyone will do bye!!! and she was gone.


At no time did anyone explain to me what Celiacs disease was or what causes it or anything!!!!

In Topic: We Need To Start A Thread On Stupid Stuff Doctors Say!

21 February 2013 - 11:42 AM

While trying to figure out what was wrong with me, my GP sent me for a test to check how well my stomach empties its a long 4 hour test where they feed you radiation laced breakfast and then they take pictures and follow the food through your body.


I am a 35 year old happily (for the most part) married wife and mom of 2. As the tech/Doc is preping me for the test she askes me when my last period was. to which I respond its been about 3 years as I have an IUD, However I know I am not pregnant because I was here a week or two ago for another test and they gave me a pregnancy test which was negative and my husband and I have not been intimate since before then. The Tech responds that is not a deciding factor!!! I raise my eyebrows and go since when did sex become a non deciding factor for being pregant???  Her response Well you could be lying!!!! and then goes on to tell me that often times girls will swear there's no chance they are preggers and go get CT scans and there plain as day is a baby!!!!!


I'm sorry but a ct scan is not the same as feeding me radiation and to call me a liar......

In Topic: How Do You Keep A Mixed Kitchen Without Glutening Your Child?

21 February 2013 - 10:43 AM

UMmmm these comments do not give me hope!!!!! :(

I am trying to keep a gluten/gluten-free kitchen. My kitchen is tiny and I have no dishwasher so I wash all the dishes by hand. I do all the cooking and all the cleaning and I am the one who has Celiacs, Is it possible in this situation to be completely gluten-free????

In Topic: I'm Miserable!

21 February 2013 - 10:35 AM

(((HUGS))) to you!!!! I was in pain for six months, back pain, pain that started in my left side and went across my stomach (belly button) all the way to my right side, my entire core hurt. I was on my couch most of that time. The doctor pumped me full of radiation trying to figure out what was wrong, first it was my gall bladder, then my kidneys, they checked my stomach, my liver, my esphogas(sp) and a bunch of other things. They found that my gall bladder isn't working properly, my esophogus isn't working properly, I have cysts on my kidneys, finally they did an endoscopy and found an angry red spot in my stomach and signs of Celiacs in my intestines, so they sent me for blood work and as of 2 weeks ago I have been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. Its been a week and a half that I have been gluten free or at least trying to make sure everything I put in my mouth is gluten-free. I am not sure how well I am doing as the rest of my family didn't go gluten-free and I am the one who cooks all the meals and cross contamination is extremely possible but for the most part the intense pain is gone and I am starting to feel much better and have more energy!!!

  All I can say is it will get better!!! and in the mean time I will hope and pray that you get a quick diagnosis whatever that may be!!!

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