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In Topic: Tests Results I'm Confused

22 February 2013 - 07:05 AM

...Everything Mushroom said.  :)


Beaware that you could have no-celiac gluten intolerance (NCGI) for which there are no blood tests at this time even though it is many many times more common. Celiac is starting to be considered just one end of the gluten intolerance spectrum; NCGI is just another way that gluten can have a bad effect on people's health.


Good luck.

thank you so much, I'm seeing a lyme specialist in a month I think after that I may do  trial gluten free diet, I have nothing else left to try - I think i've tested my blood for everything I can come up with, lol.

In Topic: Tests Results I'm Confused

22 February 2013 - 07:03 AM

When your Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum is out of range, they usually run the IgG versions of the tests instead of the IgA.  In your case you have had both the DGP and the tTG IgG run already.  You would need the AGA IgG and the EMA IgG run.


I do not know how low total IgA would affect testing for other autoimmune diseases.  Interesting that you have a weak positive for RA.  Mine was completely negative.


Welcome to the board, and keep asking questions and pushing :)   It's the only way we get anywhere.

Thank you so much, hopefully i can find these tests online - do they have other names they may go by? I have a hard time matching up the right tests.

I also tested high for thyroid peridoxidase (sp) but all other thyroid tests normal. I tested ANA positive two weeks ago, but then ran the ANA IFA test for the titer and it was negative. I'm seeing a new rheumatologist, but so far she's not doing any testing, just relying on all the negative tests that were run last year. I have no idea what direction she's taking next. I have a lot of shoulder pain and numbness/weakness so she did an MRI to rule out any neck issues. But I haven't heard back and there is no way this could be causing all my other bizarre symptoms.


I'm also seeing a lyme specilaist next month but it has taken 5 months for this appointment. I  lost my job as I have so many horrible days - after three years I'm so desperate for answers to get my life back. Curious can celiac disease or intolerance cause you to be stuck on the couch for a day or two feeling so weak you can't get up?

Thank you so very much for you reply.

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