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02 July 2013 - 10:21 AM

Hi everyone,


I’m looking for some advice on attending weddings. I recently got married before I was diagnosed with celiac and had to go gluten free, so I understand the stresses and expense of wedding planning and I don’t want to be either to the bride and groom. I read a few other threads for advice, but I thought I’d bring it up again for some guidance.


Just last month, I went to my cousin’s wedding where I followed the advice of calling the caterers ahead. I was told by the venue that gluten-free would not be a problem and to just tell the wait staff the day of. The woman I spoke to seemed put-off that I would even question their ability. (This was a very lavish, 350 dollar a plate event near NYC so I thought this seemed plausible.) When I got to the event, I spoke to the waitress and she was also put-off and indicated everything is gluten-free except for the dessert. That was all well and good until the salad came out with a huge onion croute…I continued to eat dinner even after this, BIIIIIIIG mistake since I was majorly glutened.  As my husband had said, the scallops were probably flour dusted.


Now, I have two more weddings to attend this year and I was wondering what I should do? Both weddings are sit-down meals.


1) Should I contact the caterer and see if they can do gluten free again even though I was burned by the last wedding?

2) Should I contact the bride/groom and tell them I will be attending, but will not be eating and let them negotiate a different price for no food/alcohol only for one guest?

3) Combination of 1 and 2

4) Just go and not eat at the wedding (more costly to bride and groom)


I’m still new to gluten-free and I don’t want any more setbacks. This feeling like a normal person is great and I want to keep it up up!


Thanks for the advice! :) 

Confused About Testing And Gluten-Free Diet

22 February 2013 - 07:42 AM

Hi everyone,


I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and recently went to a new endocrinologist due to continuing complications from Hashimoto’s.  He had suggested I go gluten-free for a period of three weeks to see if that helps since apparently there is a strong correlation between gluten intolerance and hashimoto’s.  He also took some blood-work and determined that I am deficient in Vitamin B12 and borderline anemic.


He also ran the following two tests:


tTGA (IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase) – Negative

Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum   - 110 (negative 91-414) – This is actually high for me. I have a history of IGA deficiency and usually test around 70.


Not expecting him to think about gluten/celiac, I didn’t have any previous knowledge on what he would be testing for or that you would have to have gluten in your diet for the tests to be accurate.

I had told him that I follow a low-carb diet where I eat a sort of paleo style. He simply kept harping that low-carb is not the same is gluten-free. I agree, but I’m curious about what that means for my testing. When I have “breads” I use almond flour and flax meal. I had incidental gluten because I didn’t check labels for gluten since it wasn't on my radar. Only occasionally (every couple weeks or so) did I splurge and have pizza or pasta. I always attributed my symptom spikes after high carb meals to the carbs, not the gluten. I have been eating this way for several years (over 3).


I’m just wondering where I should go from here. The three weeks is up and now I am directed back to my primary doctor with an appointment in a few days. Should I just continue eating gluten-free because it makes me feel better or should I do a gluten challenge and then pursue further testing just to rule out celiac? Eating gluten free is not real challenge for me since it isn’t significantly different from the way I had been eating…But does that also mean that the test was inconclusive since I hadn’t been eating having a significant amount of gluten?  I want to be prepared to discuss this with my doctor this time and wondering what insight you all have!


Thanks for any help or ideas!

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