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In Topic: Very Nervous About Trying To Get Pregnant

23 February 2013 - 09:11 AM

Wow, this is exactly what I've been thinking. I've had a miscarriage and an ectopic, and lots of "chemical" pregnancies since trying for a baby the past six years. Then I got diagnosed two months ago with celiac, which by then was a GREAT thing to hear, since up until that point all the testing had just shown "unexplained infertility." It's nice to have a reason for it.

But I'm frankly terrified to start trying again -- and I just turned 35, so it's all ticking clocks with me. I'm impressed you've been gluten-free for 3 years and allowed yourself to heal up before getting into the fertility stuff -- that takes a lot of patience. I'm giving myself just one year of healing time, so I'll be starting again at your point next year.

I'm seeing the OB-GYN next week to talk about this and hoping to get into the Mayo Clinic to get a better workup done at some point (I'm somewhat in the sticks). Mushroom is right -- getting a checkup on all your vitals and making sure you're on the right prenatals, etc. is a good first step.

After that, I think it's just about courage, honestly. It sounds like a lot of women here were able to start conceiving after about two years gluten-free. You should be OK, since you've left in some buffer time to allow for glutenings.

I think getting your tTg levels checked might be good, since I think I saw a study recently that said tTg may be involved in miscarriages.

Please come back and post with your experiences as you go forward -- I for one would appreciate hearing how it goes. Good luck!

New member here and I don't want to hijack the thead, but the mention of an ectopic pregancy caught my eye.


I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity in July 2012 and fully adopted a gluten free diet in September. I did not get an endoscopy so I'm not sure about any damage caused.


I had an ectopic pregnancy in December and am still shocked that I have no answers as to why it happened. I can't help but feel like my gluten intolerance could have something to do with it (among other possibilities), but haven't discussed with my doctor. After reading this thread though I think my next step will be to get my vitamin levels checked.


Were you given any information that celiac/gluten intolerance could be a possible cause?

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