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Do I Have Celiac?

24 February 2013 - 03:48 AM



My name is Nick and I am 20 years old. I have some symptoms I'd like to have over viewed by people who actually deal and live with Celiac Disease.


I've been eating glutton all my life and never really had any noticeable issues, but when I eat at Subway ( I am poor , haha ) I would get extremely tired, feel groggy, and then almost pass out during mid-day. This was about two years ago and I just began to eat Subway again for the last 3 months and never got that tired feeling again. However, 2 months ago when I was recovering and on antibiotics from a bad Staph Infection ( MRSA ) I lost my ability to focus my eyes, fatigued, headaches, eczema break-outs, nausea, for maybe about 4-5 days. I assumed I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics. I am on here right now because I woke up on the 14th with the same issue. My eyes will not focus and I feel very groggy, it's making my ever day life quite uncomfortable. Also, my arms and hands feel kind of tingly. I had my blood drawn and I am still awaiting the results for Celiac, just wanted to get some feedback, trying to cut down on the glutton to see if that's the problem. My doctor said that I could still be recovering from the antibiotics, but I feel like that's very unlikely. If the test results are negative I will get an eye check-up. Last time I went in, 20/20. Never had an issue with my eyes in my entire life.


Thanks in advanced.


- N





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