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#855689 celiac disease Symptoms Coming Back

Posted by on 24 February 2013 - 05:48 PM

As time goes on, some people get more sensitive. That could be it. You could have developed another food sensitivity, some do.

My sneaking suspicion is thyroid or another AI disease - perhaps triggered by pregnancy/childbirth/motherhood. Docs like to chalk exhaustion, etc. up to motherhood but truth is motherhood is a trigger for AI diseases and they hide behind the guise.

So, perhaps keep a food log, and ask for a complete thyroid work up - tpo antibodies, tsh, free t3/t4. It is not uncalled for - having celiac is reason enough for a work up.

If it isn't your thyroid, I'd dig Ito the food log and consider you are going through an "autoimmune phase" - meaning you are struggling to recover from pregnancy, etc.

Your body has been stressed. Motherhood does that. Your body just did something monumental.

The reason I bring up thyroid is that it happens (when it happens) quite frequently after childbirth. And the symptoms heavily overlap with Celiac. And from personal experience. In retrospect, that's when my thyroid started nosediving.

Thank you for replying. I'd never really considered how pregnancy and birth could have triggered some kind of flare up. I always figured I was fine as long as I remained gluten-free, but the stress of pregnancy/birth does make sense in how it could cause that. The only strange thing is my symptoms didn't come back right after my baby was born. It wasn't until I was 7 or 8 months postpartum when I noticed I started to feel sick again. I'm looking into finding a doctor where I live that is knowledgeable about celiac disease so when I do see one I will ask to have my thyroid checked and see if it could also be another autoimmune disease (I hope not though). I'm hoping I've just developed a new food sensitivity so I can eliminate that and get better. I started a food diary earlier this week so if it is something I'm eating, hopefully I can figure out what it is.

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