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Member Since 27 Feb 2013
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130 Days Without Cc... Reset

04 December 2013 - 08:42 AM

I got glutened this weekend. I went home for Thanksgiving, and while my parents are amazingly supportive and helpful, something still slipped through. I didn't recognize that it was gluten until the gut sick started yesterday. I thought I was just tired/dehydrated/stressed and all that. I remember from the last couple times I got traces or those couple times I ate something with wheat (oops) it was all over in 3-4 days. But its been 5 and I'm still having trouble eating because all food and food smells are making me nauseous and my gut is still a balloon. This, of course, is not helpful to recovering back to normal but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. 


This has also been the longest stretch I've gone without any CC issues since I had my endoscopy in April so is it possible my reaction is just getting worse because its been so long?

Wheat Syrup/wheat Starch

30 June 2013 - 01:38 PM

So I was eating some lovely soy chocolate pudding that says "gluten free" on it in 6 languages and in 3 different places, and then I looked at the ingredients and it listed "wheat syrup" and "wheat starch" in the ingredients. And before we get on the "saying gluten free doesn't mean it" rants, I'm in Austria which has very very strict labeling laws. 


Are these things safe? I'm so confused....

How Did You Figure Out Your Other Intolerances?

21 June 2013 - 03:56 AM

I'm starting to question if I have other intolerances, temporary or otherwise, in addition to Celiac. But I don't quite know how to figure it out besides elimination which is proving to be very difficult. I think I may be sensitive or intolerant to corn and dairy.


For corn, I know in the past I've gotten really bad colon spasms when I eat a corn based pasta, but didn't ever seem to react to eating corn on the cob, popcorn, or anything like that. I did seem to react to Planter's peanuts which use corn starch but that was back when I also had very violent reactions to any CC from gluten right after my diagnosis. I'm currently studying abroad in Vienna where it seems that everything that is gluten free is corn based. I've been eating cornflakes in the morning (whereas at home I eat rice chex) and sandwiches on Schaer bread for lunch. I haven't had a full blown spasm attack yet, but my colon is telling me it's not happy. Sorry if this is a bit too much, but my stool has become very different since I got here. It's more in multiple pieces and round but still easy to pass though the need is urgent when it arises... if that makes sense. I've been here for four weeks so there has definitely been enough time for my diet to be affecting everything.


As to dairy, I get really bloated when I have a good amount of dairy but notice everything is fine when I have a soy based alternative. I've switched to soy milk for my cereal and a lactose-free cheese for my sandwiches and it seems to have helped. I could probably get a lactose test when I get home to the states in a couple weeks but I've been considering going dairy free for a while. I just don't know how I would do it at home. The soy here in Austria is non-GMO and while I don't have an issue with modifications themselves, I do have an issue with the business practices behind them so I don't know what I'd use as a replacement  state-side.


I'm still pretty new to all this so I don't quite know how to handle these questions and self-diagnosis of other things going on. Any input is really helpful. Thanks 

Never Shop Hungry

06 June 2013 - 07:26 AM

Today my roommate and I went to the grocery store after a couple hours of walking around a museum so we were both shopping hungry. Everything I picked up had the coveted Austrian "gluteinfrei" symbol on it, until I got to the chips. I found one brand that based off the ingredients seemed safe, but then I found "Wild Tex Chili Chips" that looked delicious. A quick look over the ingredients yielded no warnings, the allergy listings didn't say anything about wheat or gluten, so I bought them. It wasn't until I was eating them in the elevator in my apartment building that I noticed the "wheat flour" in the English translation of the ingredients. I forgot that the allergin listings here don't include things that you can easily read in the ingredients, it's just traces that are listed. In my hungry state I didn't read the ingredients multiple times over, in every language I understand, until it was too late. I'm almost convinced that I shouldn't buy anything without that wonderful, government regulated, less than 20ppm label. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Also, my short term coping method is a glass or two of wine because my initial reaction looks more like intoxication than anything else, and I'm really scared of mentally causing my reaction to become worse. So I have a drink, then I can't tell if it's the alcohol or the gluten that's making my head woosy and the world spin, and since I can't identify the source of my off-ness I feel like I won't accidentally psychologically make a mountain out of a mole-hill. But at the same time, I feel like this isn't a good coping mechanism. I never knowingly eat something with gluten and avoid CC at all costs, but when it does happen and I find out soon after, I get rid of the gluten food and triple check everything else in my kitchen.  Any other ideas on not psyching myself out?

"well We Could Go.... Oh Wait You Can't Eat Anything"

30 May 2013 - 04:58 AM

I'm currently studying abroad in Vienna and as much as the grocery stores have, I really wish I could just eat the street food and try the local cuisine. It seems to not even be an option here. The one person at my study abroad center who lives here and is gluten-intolerant just pretty much said "don't eat out." I have my "celiac travel" cards but they don't explain CC, which definitely happened last weekend. Luckily I have a minor reaction to CC so I wasn't bed ridden like if i had eaten one of those beautiful fresh out of the oven rolls that were on the table. But I'm hanging out with a group of college students who don't want to spend all their shopping money on food, so everyone usually goes to a street stand or small shop for food before we go see shows, concerts, etc. And then I take out my sad little sandwich on Schaer bread. I haven't really had time to cook because we're out late every night after classes experiencing the culture and all that Vienna has to offer and now I have time to cook but since it's Corpus Christi day, the entire city, except for bakeries and some cafes and McDonald's, is closed. I'm not eating enough and it's been cold so I just want a hot meal and yes I'm complaining but I'm so lost and hungry. Last night, by the time we found a non-asthma-inducing bar and got drinks, it had been almost 12 hours from when I ate last, because I'm too scared to order anything at restaurants and all I had brought was a sandwich for lunch before 3 hours of class, 2 hours of standing in line for ballet tickets and 3 hours of standing at the ballet. This is a normal day for me in Vienna, but not at home. I'm so new to this that I'm just sitting here thinking, "Why the hell did I think this was a good idea?"

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