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New! Help With Test Results, Please!

02 March 2013 - 11:48 AM

Hi, I apologize in advance if this post gets a little long, but I am in the process o try to figuring out if my 3 year old daughter has celiacs and If I might too.

6 years ago I was tested for celiacs. My blood work came back with what my dr. Called a "mix bag" for celiacs. I got biopsies taken which came back negative. I was told I didn't have it, no follow up, no nothing. I regret not perusing a more definite diagnosis, but I was young and trusted what the doctors told me. 2 years later after the birth of my daughter I began experiencing a lot of strange health problem ( physical and mental). Dr. Couldn't find anything wrong (I was not retested for celiacs). At the advise of my therapist I decided to try a gluten free diet. It helped a lot, so I concluded that I had gluten sensitivity. I mostly feel better, but will get returning symptoms occasionally, especially after eating out (CC I assume). Most recently my daughter started showing symptoms of celiacs and her PCP ran blood test. We were told she might indeed have celiacs.
We have an appointment with a GI in 2 weeks, but I was wondering what you kind people make of our blood test results?

My results

Total iga- 64 flagged as low. Range: low-81 high 463

Anti-gliadin ab, igg- 20 flagged as high. Range: low-0 high-19

Gliadin iga ab- 6 normal. Range low 0 high 19

My daughter's results

Total iga 36 (no range given)

TTGAB-iga 16( high) >or = 4 antibodies detected

Gliadin iga 4 (normal) <20 antibodies

Thank you so much for your time!

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