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Member Since 03 Mar 2013
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Topics I've Started

Celiac And Align Probiotic Does Anyone Take It? Side Effects?

14 March 2013 - 07:15 AM

Does anyone use the product Align Probiotic?  Does it help?  Any side effects?


Just Diagnosed...totally Gluten Free Since Friday....but...

04 March 2013 - 04:38 PM

I have been totally gluten free since Friday.  Finally, I have experienced a small improvement.  I had more energy this morning (iron deficiency anemia).  So I ventured out of the house to eat a salad for lunch.  I talked to the manager, asked the manager to have the kitchen change gloves, not touch the salad with any bread products. 


Question:  So I'm not sick yet.  Am I right to think that a cross-contamination would send me to the bathroom immediately, or will I be up all night running to the bathroom?  Am I in the clear?  


Question:  I am stressed out about cross-contamination.  Can I assume that if I am not sick, then I was not cross-contamination?  Do you ever worry about cross-contamination WITHOUT symptoms?  


Help .... Just Diagnosed And Confused ...

03 March 2013 - 02:31 PM

Please help.


I was just diagnosed and I am confused.


CT scan in November showed two lymph nodes mildly enlarged and thickening of lining of small intestine near where the small and large intestine meet (I believe that is what I heard).  I went on 14 days of antibiotics for diverticulitis.  Repeat CT scan showed no change in mildly enlarged lymph nodes. 


Endoscope and colonoscopy a week ago.  Three biopsy spots. Small intestine biopsy diagnosed me with Celiac (probably misdiagnosed for many years). Second in stomach showed irritation.  Last showed Bariatic esophagus.  Repeat endoscope in 6 months for Bariatic esophagus and will biopsy small intestine too.


Asked GI about my Lymph nodes in membrane of small intestine.  He did not know why they would be enlarged, no cancer inside the colon.  He wants to do a repeat CT scan.  He did not seem concerned about Lymphoma.  I asked if enlarged lymph nodes are common with Celiac, and he said no, it is rare but he has seen it before.  Nurse who conveyed this to me said that lymph nodes are just mildly enlarged, not huge like lymphoma.... but that seemed to be her input, not doctors.  Follow up review with GI doctor March 18


Here is the confusion:   Has anyone had mildly enlarged lymph nodes at diagnosis that go down with gluten free diet?  Or should I be concerned about that very rare and extremely deadly form of lymphoma?   I hope the repeat CT scan shows they are smaller and not larger, but I sure would feel better hearing from this board if they had enlarged lymph nodes at diagnosis.   

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