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Mr J

Member Since 21 Aug 2005
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In Topic: Candida And Adrenal Issues

17 March 2007 - 04:07 PM

ok ill have to check out that thread...did you cut sugar out of your diet for the candida?

I once had candida overgrowth of the intestines and elevated cortisol (enough to get tested for cushings syndrome, but the docs decided it wasn't elevated enough for that). I never made the connection between the two at the time, but maybe there was - anyway thats back to normal now.

candida was self diagnosed, docs don't recognise it and I couldn't be bothered to pay for outside lab tests and because my symptoms went when I treated it, i'm fairly sure thats what it was.

initially I took a very poweful herb mixture containing amongst other things wormwood, this made my alternating constipation and D go away, but shortly after stopping the one month course it all came back again. This happened twice, so for me a one off cure treatment is no good instead I need daily maintenance. what keeps me happy is a daily intake of the following 3 things:

1. a gentler herb mixture called "intestinal cleanse #1", i've been taking just one capsule of this for years with no dependency (ie no need for increasing amounts)

2. strong pro-biotics

3. A fibre digesting enzyme called "no phenol", apparently this can eat the yeast plant http://houstonzymes....tegory_Code=nof

I eat lots of carbs everyday - rice, sometimes gatorade if I'm active, some chocolate.

Products 1. and 2. above seemed to get my colon motility under control. When I introduced 3. (i sprinkle the powdered form on food) I finally got rid of the white coating on my tongue. This works for me, the drawback is that I can't stop this daily intake, but I don't mind, taking these 3 things is not so bad.

In Topic: Has Anyone Taken Reglan For Reflux?

26 February 2007 - 06:50 PM

the fact that I take reglan every day means i have weighed up the pros and cons and am prepared to deal with the side effects. i am under the influence of this drug right now and I had mentally composed an explanation of hwo its a dopamine antagonist but now I'm too sleepy

its got a strong bitter taste. for my condition it should be taken on an empty stomach, i've taken it with coca-cola nd it seemed to still work, but I prefer to give things the benefit of the doubt and take with water only (i drink about 1/2 a glass and that works for me). my experience is that its not a cumulative type drug that needs to be taken for days to get the benefit - i can feel my stomach start to contract and crunch within minutes. if it hasn't helped the reflux maybe its coz your son spit it out. i take the tablet form, so taste isn't really a consideration. for my condition its very effective

In Topic: Has Anyone Taken Reglan For Reflux?

25 February 2007 - 09:29 PM

hello e&j if its in use for GERD on the message board you visited i am obviously mistaken in my original belief that reglan wasn't meant as a direct fix for GERD. However I am quite sure that it works by making the stomach empty into the small intestine. because of my gastroparesis i spent a fair bit of time on the yahoo message board, of all the drugs being used to treat gastroparesis the members reported the most side effects with this one. because I take thsi drug I have done some research too and the most worrying thing is the involuntary muscle motions you mentioned - however this hasn't happened to me. sometimes even after stopping the drug those unwanted muslce movements will occur - my gastro doc confirmed this to me too. I would go so far as to say that it makes a right mess of my brain for about 2 1/2 hrs then I am back to normal. some of the yahoo gp group reported depression was a symptom, but it doesn't affect me this way at all. However I plan on continuing with it indefinately if I don't get the involuntary muslce motions (tardive kinesis or something like that its called). A safer drug with similar effect to reglan is domperidone aka motillium. I take 2 of these per day. my regimen is take one motillium 20 min before brekky. take another before lunch. then take 1 reglan before evening meal (i'm on liquid snacks as well). the reason why i take a reglan in the evening and not a motillium is that reglan is more effective with me and i can eat more. i cannot take reglan during the day and do my job.

In Topic: Gastroperesis

25 February 2007 - 04:43 PM

omeprazole - PPI, GERD is one of the symptoms of gastroparesis.

my non medical wayof finding out that I had it was to get my hands on the drugs "reglan" and "domperidone", because these fixed my symptoms it more or less confirmed that I had it. In my case gluten-free helps but doesn't cure me, I need these drugs.

I've had many years of unecessary underweight misery without proper diagnosis, some of my story here eos disorder thread

In Topic: Has Anyone Taken Reglan For Reflux?

25 February 2007 - 02:54 PM

This is probably just another example of why I shouldn't research things so much on the internet, but I have been looking up the side effects of reglan and I am worried. I am supposed to start giving it to my 2 year old son on Monday for his reflux.

Has anyone had experience with this drug?


I take one 10mg tablet every day in the evening (see my recent posts on the food intolerances forum) for gastroparesis. I am an adult weighing about 123lb, it muddles my brain and makes me very drowsy. I deal with it by sleeping for a couple of hours after ingesting it prior to my evening meal. I don't like this drug at all but I need to eat!

this drug is not meant to be a fix for reflux, it is intended to stimulate motility in the stomach and allow the stomach to empty properly. (although one of the possible symptoms of poor stomach motility can be reflux)

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