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In Topic: Desperate For Answers

04 March 2013 - 05:08 PM



i cant give you any medical advice coz not been here long myself. but it sounds like you have decided that the gluten free diet is for you. to have the relevant testing you would have to reintroduce gluten again and it sounds like you would have a hard time with this. you obviously have a problem with gluten and dairy but many people have other underlining food intolerances as well .really all you can do is start a food diary and write down what you ate and when and how you feel and if you were sick.


i know its not gonna help you much but ive given up gluten and dairy as well- my results came back negative. i think now ive got a problem with eggs or nightshade veg( tomatoes ,potatoes,peppers, aubergines) ive been putting it off but im gonna have to do a food diary...


as for your breakfast you may have an intolerance to the coffee- it can be quite harsh on your already inflamed stomach. or a problem with the almond nuts in your milk. the cereal i dont know of coz im in the uk but have you read the ingredients - is there any soy in it anywhere? it could even be an additive, colouring,flavouring,preservative ect. 

really your only option if you cant get to a doctor for tests is a food diary - you,ll see a pattern emerge within a few weeks.

good luck with this and i hope you feel better x  

and now im gonna listen to my own advice and get that food diary ready for in the morning lol :)


let us know how you get on, remember you are not alone, ask as many questions as you want, people will answer and try to help.













Thank You. Yes, I have been putting off the food dairy as well... There wasn't any soy in the cereal... I drink coffee on a semi regular basis and don't have a problem and snack on almonds.... But maybe the combination of it all was too much for me? In any case I will take your suggestion and start a food diary! Thanks for your help and support. :)

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