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Member Since 05 Mar 2013
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In Topic: Hashimoto's Syndrome

01 May 2013 - 03:47 PM

The Drs office told me today that all of my bloodwork was normal.  I asked them to mail me a copy of it so I could see the ranges.  When I get it I will compare my numbers with what nvsmom  says they should be and go from there.  Thanks!

In Topic: Hashimoto's Syndrome

29 April 2013 - 01:05 PM

I have been gluten intolerant for 20plus years.  I tested negative for celiac about 5 yrs ago but was on meds that kept me from throwing up.  At the time I thought that was all I needed to do but my more recent research has shown me that many of my other health issues have been from the gluten intolerance.  So, I gave up the medicine for a gluten free diet.  Now that I know about the hashimoto's I am trying to figure out my next step.  I just had my annual physical and the Dr. tested for vitamin D (which I have been deficient in before), vitamin B12, and several of the thyroid tests.  I have been hearing about the probiotics and enzymes and will have to try those.  I also am thinking about going to an endo. doctor to see what they may have to say.

In Topic: Hashimoto's Syndrome

29 April 2013 - 08:29 AM

Thanks for the response.  I didn't think it did, but I had a doctor tell be that it did.  I thought I'd ask people who REALLY know; i.e. people who actually have the disorder! =)


So than, what is the best way to manage it?  My symptoms are not severe, but I am so tired of struggling with my, not constant low energy but bouts of it!  I was hoping that going gluten-free would make a noticeable difference, but it has been 2 months and I have not seen any change in that area.

In Topic: Hashimoto's Testing While Gluten-Free?

26 April 2013 - 01:26 PM

A few years ago I had a goiter in my right thyroid.  After I had a thyroidectomy (right side only),  I was diagnosed with hashimoto's.  I am wondering if, since the damaged/diseased part of my thyroid was removed, does that mean the hashimoto's is gone?  My thyroid has tested fine since then and I have not had to be put on thyroid meds.  My main concern in this question is that even though I am not exhausted ALL the time, my energy level is still not where I feel that it should be.  Is this the hashimoto's or something else?

In Topic: Strangest - But Positive - Effects Of The gluten-free Diet?

06 April 2013 - 12:04 PM

My husband and I have both been gluten-free for around 5 weeks now.  I will post for both of us.  I took meds (generic ludiomil) for over 20 years so that I would not throw up everyday.  If I missed more than 2 days I would throw up. I have been off the medicine from the day I went gluten free and no vomiting!  I believe my hair (which has always been on the thick side) is becoming more thick.  I no longer am struggling to stay awake while driving to work (50 miles one way).  My afternoon/evening energy is slowly starting to improve.  My BMs are no longer fatty (but seem to be more stinky...lol I am guessing because there is no fatty film barrier holding the stink back. lol).  My husband had arthiritis pain in his fingers and that is gone.  He also has plantar faciatis and that seems to be gone.  He is starting to loose his love handles.  He says his brain fog is decreasing.


Can't wait to see us in 6 months!

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