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Member Since 06 Mar 2013
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Topics I've Started

Just Got Home From Surprise Endoscopy

22 April 2013 - 11:10 AM

I went in this morning for my colonscopy. While there, he asked about my symptoms and we decided to go ahead and do the endoscopy.   He got about 6-8 samples and said I should have results within 2 weeks. 


I was so pleased. I didn't have to fight for it or anything.


So, I can now go gluten free with confidence. I feel overwhelmed by it  but glad to be getting stuff done.


They also removed 5 polyps and said they'll also let me know within two weeks what the report says about them. I've gotten them since 9, so most likely, another colonscopy next year. Oh yeah.


But home now, tired as can be and so happy to have food. 


I'll keep you updated. 

How Do You Afford It?

24 March 2013 - 09:27 AM

So, tomorrow is my "Go Gluten-Free" day. I have read and read for a few weeks on all the steps I need to take to avoid CC. However, one thing is a huge issue: my cookware. I do not have the funds to afford replacement. I just don't, not right now. The toaster will be easy for a while since I won't be using it since I'm not eating any of the marketed gluten-free products for a while. But replacing my cookware is not a possibility right now. 


Is there a way around this? Cleaning the stuff really well or whatnot? 


This is just so overwhelming.

Blood Work Done: Going Gluten Free?

22 March 2013 - 08:48 AM

As I stated in a previous post, I had my blood work done Wednesday this past week. I discussed with the doctor about going ahead and going gluten free. She was supportive of it, regardless of my results due to my symptoms. But I also told her I am worried about doing it in case they do an endoscopy at the same time as my colonscopy and that being gluten-free can skew the results. 


But then I realized that some say on the forums that the endoscopy is to see if damage has been done due to gluten. So if I have been heavy gluten and go off it and only off for like 2-3 weeks, would that skew my endoscopy, if they do one? 


I'm miserable and just want relief. My rash is back (never fully went away) and even this morning, I had some whole wheat bread, touched my face and now my face and neck are itching. And, as is typical from what I have read, the rashes tend to show up in the same spots. For me, that is true. And let's not discuss the bloating, gas, D and overall feeling of Blah! 


I don't know if my logic is off or not. I guess I just figure, if the Celiac panel comes back positive, I go gluten free, have the endoscopy, would being gluten free for a week or two make that much of a difference in biopsies? 


Thank you all. 

Blood Test Today: Such A Great Doctor

20 March 2013 - 02:21 PM

I finally saw my doctor today. She was amazing. I told her my symptoms and she was right on top of it and actually suggested the Celiac Panel (or whatever it is called ha!) before I mentioned it. Also, with my history, I'm seeing the GI doctor on the 2nd of April. A fecal occult test came up positive, which isn't surprising since I have had colon polyps since 9. She also ran a complete blood panel and a test to check for any deficiencies. I should have the results by next week. 


So I feel good knowing we are on the right track. I should have answers soon. I just want to feel better!

Crazy Update; Waiting On Tests For My Daughter Now

14 March 2013 - 11:48 AM

Well, got insurance settled and I head to the doctor first thing Monday morning. 


However, today has been a rollercoaster. My oldest twin wakes up screaming that her legs hurt. Head to doctor. They do a routine blood panel (but N.P. throws in a few extra tests on a hunch) and we just suspect maybe a low potassium level. Get an urgent call 2 hours later that her hemoglobin is at a 7. So now waiting on the Children's Hospital to call to see if we are being admitted for testing/blood transfusion or just making an appointment. 


Her other blood work panels didn't show anemia, so we have to figure out what this is from. Then the doctor asks me "Aren't you being tested for Celiac?" I tell her yes and she said to definitely mention that to the drs when we go to the specialist because that's an important consideration in how they proceed. 


So, I sit and wait on a phone call, my daughter is in pain and exhausted. I figure with a hemoglobin of 7, we'd already be at the hospital but I guess there are procedures. 


UGH! But isn't a low hemoglobin tied to Celiacs? 

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