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Member Since 08 Mar 2013
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#857895 What Ails Me?

Posted by on 10 March 2013 - 10:02 PM

I was hoping somebody would be willing to help me out. I've decided to stop going gluten free until properly tested for celiac disease. I found that after going gluten free I couldn't eat dairy without having serious bouts of gas. I don't really know why that happens when it didn't before. I used to be able to eat ice cream just fine. After eating good old lasagna and toast I noticed that my nose was runny, I was sneezing again, and my nostrils had become inflamed and am now breathing through my mouth. 


I've ordered the biocard home kit test. I'm going to see how this turns out and if it is positive I will bring it to the doctors to provide reason for a blood panel and endoscopy. I'm in the military though and I've run up the medical bills throughout my career trying to pinpoint my problems without any success. So I want to have good reason to ask for more tests. If I am found to have celiacs disease my career will be dramatically altered. Even with all of these signs and symptoms I still believe my tests will show up negative for some reason, but I'm hoping for positive. If not I at least know that I am lactose intolerant.

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#857719 What Ails Me?

Posted by on 09 March 2013 - 06:20 PM

Hey guys, just a little update. I've noticed my skin is clearing up and has more color. Another interesting observation is that the vitamins I have been taking started making me feel queasy. They are really expensive vitamins and I'm supposed to take 14 a day. I usually can take up to 5 at once without feeling queasy, but I only took 3 earlier today and felt queasy. Is it too early for absorption rates to be affected? because these vitamins have never made me feel nauseous and I've been taking them for months. Today is the 4th day and I still have PND. 


Gluten free food by the way is actually delicious! Every meal is homemade because anything out of a box and most things out of a can have some kind of gluten. I thought I would lose weight, but I can see myself gaining a few pounds from this experiment :).

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