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Member Since 09 Mar 2013
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Can Going Off Gluten Be Dangerous?

21 March 2013 - 08:17 AM

So I have been off gluten for about a month.  I feel better than ever.  I went off gluten before thinking of being tested for Celiac or sensitivities.  I slowly became convinced that all my health problems were related to gluten.


So I have a friend who is telling me OVER and OVER and OVER. That going off gluten without a diagnosis can be very dangerous.  Her doctor said it can make a person very sick once they eat gluten again even if they have no allergies.  My nutritionist said, "IF you feel better not eating, it don't eat it. IF you feel sick when you eat it, don't' eat it."  Apparently my friend read a study that showed that people who were not gluten sensitive or celiac became very ill with celiac-type symptoms after going off gluten and then reintroducing this to their diet.  


Has anyone heard of this?  Have you read these studies?  Have you heard that gluten can make you sick if you illuminate it and then eat it?






How Long Does It Take For One To Feel Better?

09 March 2013 - 05:54 AM

Hi, I am new to the forum.  First, I have known that I have some type of gluten sensitivity for awhile, if not celiac.  I have constant back pain, and I have noticed it increases or decreases according to my bread/gluten intake.  Also in college I avoided EVERYTHING the bakery made because I learned from process of elimination that withing 30-60 minutes of eating their delightful bread I would get stomach pains that made me cry and literally fall down wherever I was.  Sometimes I would be walking to class and have to just sit down on the sidewalk for 5 minutes until I could walk again.  That being said, I have had about 4 doctors in my life tell me to either go off gluten or suggest I get tested.  I always blew it off because, honestly, I thought "gluten intolerance" was just a new fad-type diagnosis (ignorant, I know).  So recently I have changed my mind.


I try to tell people "I am healthy."  I do not drink, smoke, or use drugs.  I am vegetarian   I exercise about 4 times a week.  I am not over weight.  I never eat fast food or overly processed food.  I don't buy "junk food" I have had fitness test conducted and in all categories I am above average for my age (32).  On paper I am healthy.  But healthy doesn't feel like this.


Healthy isn't loosing all her hair!  

Healthy doesn't bruise when I butterfly lands on her (exaggeration)

Healthy doesn't need 10 hours of sleep at night

Healthy doesn't have constant back pain, and joint pain

Healthy doesn't have uncontrollable acne

Healthy don't feel anxious all the time (even with therapy)

Healthy doesn't feel foggy all the time

Healthy doesn't get random debilitating side cramps that feel like a butcher knife had been stabbed in her stomach

Healthy doesn't go to the ER with those cramps just to be turned away when nurses tell you you just needed to have a BM

Healthy doesn't have two consecutive miscarriages after an extremely easy time with their first child.

Healthy doesn't then have doctors tell her she isn't ovulating, then she has endometriosis (when she's NEVER been told that before)

Healthy doesn't get constant bladder or yeast infections after going on bread binges (Yes I have noticed they seem to coincide)

Healthy doesn't have constant allergy symptoms dispite going to two different allergists, having allergy tests taken, and being told she is not allergic to anything. 

--constant sinus drainage, 3-4 sinus infections a year and itchy eyes

Healthy don't feel like she is always in the verge of getting the flu.  Like my body is always fighting a bug


SO those symptoms being put out there.  I have decided to go off gluten for 60 days and see how I feel.  I know now that this is not the best way to approach things.  Thanks to this forum I now understand why testing is so important.


However, I have been off gluten for all of 5 days.  I have already noticed my face looks better (not as inflamed looking).  My back pain was better until this morning (the Rice dream rice milk I had last night is not gluten free).  And this morning when my son woke up I didn't feel like I needed an additional 2 hours of sleep on the couch.


SO my questions is. . . . How long after being gluten free did YOU start to feel relief from some of your symptoms?     

I know everyone is different.  But I would love to here about other's recovery time.



I have found this forum AMAZING.  I wish I could reach through my computer and give you all a hug

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