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Member Since 14 Mar 2013
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In Topic: Gluten-Free In Iceland

15 July 2015 - 07:51 AM

Nikki...is this what you had?

Anytime anyone would come to visit I'd ask them to bring me these and some Iceland in cheese. Sigh...I'm hungry.

Field trip anyone?

YES!  That's it.  Thanks so much - Now, if I can only find a gluten-free version.

In Topic: Gluten-Free In Iceland

14 July 2015 - 09:01 AM

Thanks - that flatkokur may be it!  I look forward to hearing if there's a gluten-free version.


And as for a car, I recommend an SUV even if you're staying on the road.  We rented a little Opel and it was a bit frightening up on the windy mountain twists and turns.  We suddenly understood why everyone in Reykjavik seemed to be driving SUVs.


Wow - I love this thread.  Definitely makes me want to book that next trip!

In Topic: Gluten-Free In Iceland

14 July 2015 - 06:43 AM

Great info - we were there a few years ago, pre-diagnosis, and really want to go back so I will definitely try your suggestions.  


Icelandgirl - one of the things I mourned when I got my diagnosis was this wonderful sort of flatbread that wasn't crispy but was fairly thin.  I remember we bought it just at a corner small grocery near the center of Reykjavic.  Any chance you know of a gluten-free version of that bread.  It was wonderful!  Or at least what it was called, so my kids can try it?


Amazing, amazing country.

In Topic: Restaurants In Az

13 July 2015 - 01:06 PM

Not sure if it's near you, but I had an absolutely delicious burger (no bun - they may have had a gluten-free one, but usually I just have plain) at the Wigwam hotel (not the one with the actual wigwams, but the one with the cool water slide).  Best meal in a long time.

In Topic: Help, Please! I Don't Know How To Eat Out Or If I Can?

13 July 2015 - 01:00 PM

I eat out a lot - but I'm lucky I live in a city with a lot of options.  I don't usually bring a cooler along when we travel, but I admit that means I'm sometimes stuck eating potato chips and kind bars from the 7 - 11 on the road.  If you have healthier aspirations, bringing your own is a good idea.  


Just wanted to add that as a few have mentioned Mexican as a safe option - Yes, it is, but not everyplace fries their corn tortillas in a separate fryer, or they don't know if their supplier does, so that's a question you need to ask.  


I also find Indian very easy (I generally get chicken tikka masala, though I always ask first to make sure the sauce isn't thickened with flour) and carry my own packets of gluten-free soy sauce in case we get stuck at a non PF Changs Chinese place - I just use it on plain rice or rice and steamed string beans.  I think you can get the packets  on minimus.com.  If ordering Gluten Free pasta, you want to make sure they boil it in its own water.


Oh and Fine Me Gluten Free is a great app.  We've discovered many out of the way excellent places on road trips this way.


Good luck - it's really tough at first, but gets much much easier.  And then you feel better, so it's worth it.

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