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2Yr Old Tested For Gluten Sensitivity - How To Interpret The Results?

16 March 2013 - 05:40 AM

Wondering if anyone can help me interpret the results of EMA and tTG and Gliadin antibody tests.


I am living in a non-english speaking country and do not have expert advice to hand. The lab was also fairly unhelpful as they do not perform these tests regularly.


I am wondering if my child has gluten sensitivity. She is a failure to thrive case (dropped from the top of the charts to the bottom over the course of a year. And she is extremely picky with solids.


The results from the blood tests taken from my 2 yr old are as follows. Do they show unusual levels or are these levels quite within normal range?


Antibodies to Gliadin:  IgM(?) (perhaps lab made mistake and these are actually IgG?) "Weak positive" 1.15

Antibodies to Gliadin:  IgA   "negative"


tTG IgG "borderline"  0.98

tTG IgA  "negative"


EMA IgG "borderline" 1.09

EMA IgA "negative"


I wasn't initially worried by these findings until the lab told me that the refence values for these tests were 0. That is to say that there should not be antibodies present at all. Is this really true? What I read on the internet seems to indicate otherwise.


Any help much appreciated! Thanks.


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