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nosy parker

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In Topic: Early Pregnancy And Blood Test Results

02 July 2013 - 03:33 PM



I think that you are doing all you can by going gluten free now, and it`s very wise to do so.  It is certainly highly probable that you have celiac so I would assume that at this point, even if you do the endo later for confirmation.  Speak to your doctor about nutritional deficiencies that are possible because of this and they can test your levels to see where you are.  And to be quite honest, I believe that eating gluten free is probably better for everyone, regardless of celiac, so even if it turns out that you don't have it, it can't hurt.



In Topic: Does Diagnosis Get You Blackballed?

13 June 2013 - 07:00 PM

Well, I'm in Canada so the health insurance aspect doesn't apply to me.  But as for life insurance or disability etc, that could be a real burden or problem.  Imagine your kids are grown, start a family and have problems obtaining a mortgage because they don't qualify for mortgage insurance.  Or can't get basic life insurance coverage to protect their family.  All because they tested positive for the genes, not the disease.  Crazy.


It's a really no-win situation.

In Topic: Me Too, Me Too! Endoscopy Report- Need Help With Results, Please.

12 June 2013 - 07:52 PM

OK....let's try this again.


Scalloping is not normal and usually is seen with Celiac when damage is starting to ramp up.  Many people have reported scalloping on their biopsy reports.

Your small intestine, believe it or not, has the surface area of a tennis court, if laid out flat.  It has many peaks and valleys, which are the villi, and these create all this area for absorption of food. It really is a brilliant design.  Now you have all this inflammation so the villi start to blunt and I think this may affect surface tension and creat this scalloping affect that is seen.  That's just my theory but whatever the exact reasons involved, your duodenum starts to change shape.  Why doctors never seem to think this is an issue is beyond me.  As they are trained to only look for flattened villi, everything else gets shoved under the rug. 


You have had the biopsy and ruled out more serious conditions and problems.  You have low ferritin and other symptoms so have nothing to lose by doing a gluten-free trial.  If your issues resolve, I would press hard for a diagnosis based on that and maybe even ask for gene testing to see if you at least carry one of the genes for Celiac. 


The IBS thing......IBS is not a diagnosis.  It just means you have an irritated bowel.  Like you need to be told that!  They symptom treat and you never get real results.  Something is irritating your bowel so you need to find out what food is causing the grief.  It could very well be gluten, from what you described. Don't settle for the old IBS blow off.  They all do that and it's the biggest reason people aren't diagnosed.  You have good reason to believe you have a gluten problem so try the diet and see what happens.  It's difficult to accept that you may never get a definitive diagnosis but don't wait for your gut to be trashed so they can find it on a biopsy. If you really want to, go for a second opinion.....it could not hurt.  Try to find a doctor that specializes in Celiac, if you can.  But the diet may give you more answers.


I wish you luck!    :)


Gemini, everything you said is exactly how I feel.  I already told my GI that IBS is just a big catch-all for "I don't know what's wrong with you".  I don't understand that the can obviously see something in there that shouldn't be there and they just dismiss it.  I mean if scalloping isn't supposed to be there, doesn't it warrant an explanation as to why it's there?  Why do they think it isn't an issue??


So frustrating!

In Topic: Me Too, Me Too! Endoscopy Report- Need Help With Results, Please.

12 June 2013 - 07:46 PM

They didn't give you the whole pathology report. A path report has to have things on it like the number & sizes of the biopsied pieces. It will say how the pieces are presented. You got only the final diagnosis that a pathologist was willing to put down. I would insist on the whole report. If that is the whole procedure report, it is lacking also. If your insurance company was given those 5 sentence fragments as proof and justification for the procedure, they would not pay from my experience.


I'm in Canada so insurance isn't involved.  The paper I have says "Final pathology report".  I have no idea if there are other reports prior to that.  This one does indicate the number of biopsies (11 of one section and 5 of the other) and the size range, and also what they were sent in.  But nothing other than that.  What do you mean "how they are presented"?  Do you think there is some other report that is more detailed?  Because my doctor doesn't have that. 


Do you think I'm allowed to request that?  Would another doctor or pathologist be able to review that and come to a different conclusion?



In Topic: Quick Question About Endoscopies And Being Sick...

12 June 2013 - 07:17 AM

I doubt they will do any procedure that involves sedation on a sick child.  My son had his adenoids removed and tube inserted in his ears several years ago, and we had to re-schedule the morning of the operation (we were already admitted and he was in a gown on the bed) because he had a bit of congestion from a cold and they heard him cough once. 


But these viruses can run through rather quickly so maybe he will be fine by then.  Positive thoughts to you!

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