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In Topic: Ridiculous Conversations

11 November 2013 - 04:04 AM

Haha, I love all of these!


I have also gotten the "I wish I had that!" and I want to punch them. Every time. It's almost as bad as "I could never do that". Well, you could, if you had to...


Speaking of medical professionals, when I told my doctor that cutting out gluten stopped my migraines, her response was, "huh".


Re: people who are gluten-free but still eat it, I know someone who eats gluten all the time. Mostly she just gets diarrhea (which she doesn't mind), and if she eats it a LOT she starts to get migraines. And then it's "awe, man, I have to rest. This totally sucks". Her general philosophy, is that if she's going to eat gluten, she should have a lot so it can get out of her system...?  She makes no sense. This is the same person who told me that I can't have cheese because the anticaking stuff is flour (which maybe used to be the case but isn't); that gluten can be absorbed through the skin and make me sick; and that I can't eat meat unless the animal was gluten free as well. Until I did some research, I was living off rice and fruit. I lost 7 lbs in a month! She just wants people to think it is so hard, and that it sucks being her. And then she eats it anyways. GAH!

In Topic: Ridiculous Conversations

17 October 2013 - 03:36 AM

Maybe this belongs in a different topic, but my sister believes that I'm making all this up, so she refuses to learn about it and work with me when she plans family get-togethers (birthdays are usually celebrated at her house). So last night for MY BIRTHDAY, she made tacos (there were flour & corn shells, but I didn't know the brand of taco meat and I'm sure she wasn't careful about washing things well enough to make sure there weren't leftovers from another gluten-full meal, so I didn't have any). She asked my mom if the meat was too spicy (Mom was worried about that beforehand... it was fine). Then she served cake from Walmart. My TEN YEAR OLD nephew looked at me, alarmed, and said, "I think this cake has gluten in it. I don't think you can have it" (so sweet), and I reassured him that I wasn't eating it- just feeding it to my kids. I just thought, how crazy that with five adults around, the only one who even acknowledged my dietary needs was the ten year old. Sigh.

In Topic: Ridiculous Conversations

11 October 2013 - 07:22 PM

Yeah, I love those (with nutella or peanut butter)! It's my go-to snacky snack at work :) And they're so inexpensive compared to glutino.

In Topic: Ridiculous Conversations

11 October 2013 - 03:53 PM

Haha! I've never gotten any funny vegan comments, but a lady at my church approached me one week and said that since I'm gluten free, I should come to her house any time I want, and pick some of her lettuce and help myself. I thought it was so random! People seem to think that since so many things have gluten in them, that I must feel so fortunate to have every single thing that is gluten free. I actually don't love lettuce, so I've never stopped over, but it WAS sweet. My mother in law is always buying stuff and assuming I'll want it because I CAN have it. She bought some glutino pretzels (which I feel taste like stale toast), and every time I come over, it's "here's your bag of pretzels", like I'm obligated to eat them since they're gluten-free. I do appreciate the gesture, though.

In Topic: Microwave Popcorn - Yea Or Nay?

11 October 2013 - 03:43 PM

I can have Act II microwave popcorn without issue. I've actually never come across popcorn that had gluten. If you are having a problem with popcorn ,it's probably not that it has gluten in it.

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