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My Journey Through Gluten....

19 March 2013 - 04:46 PM

So my journey starts about 4 years ago. I started to see a female and we progressed further into a relationship. After dating for a year or so she was starting to delevop reactions to eating some foods. We would have some pasta or ~insert gluten food here~ and she would get a stomach ache or just be drop dead tired. To the point where we would end up sleeping in the living room cause she just couldn't mustard the strength to get up and walk down the hall to the bedroom. After about a 3-5 weeks of this we decided that something was clearly wrong (better late then never right!)


She made an appointment with her doctor and her doctor came up with the brilliant idea of "Oh just don't eat those foods". Jeez doc your insight into this problem is so worthy I'm happy to pay the copay just to hear your words of wisdom. After getting home we discussed it some more and decided that she shouldn't eat anything with gluten in it for a while then have a little bit of it and see what happens...so a month and half or so of hockey puck cookies and door stopping bread she ate something that had gluten in it and BAM same results as before...sleey, tummy ache etc and etc.


That was pretty much all it took for us to realize that she had an interolance to gluten. She doesn't have celiacs but her body doesn't like wheat/rye/etc. After some more talking we decided that we will both go gluten free. Coming from a family that is half italian and half hungarian all we do is eat food so I can't imagine not being able to eat anything/whatever I wanted whenever however. I also come from an ironclad stomach family so it took some time but I accepted eatting gluten free and found out......it really isnt' that bad lol.


I have a new love for foods and especially since I enjoy cooking and baking, gluten free cooking/baking is right up my alley! Now I've read a number of your stories about people not switching or supporting you. I couldn't imagine not supporting my better half with her interolance. It isn't like she woke up one morning and said "Oh today I think I will have a reaction to gluten." Or as I say "She didn't win the lotto from the food gods!" . Most people just don't understand and refuse to understand why someone who doesn't have celiacs or even an intolerance would give up "real food" as they say.


In all honesty, I prefer gluten free foods. They taste way better along with being healthier usually. I also get to bump up my cooking/baking skills which is nice. We've removed everything gluten from the house except for the occasional crackers that I eat cause well..my tummy hurts time to time and we had gotten a huge thing of saltines :).

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