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Member Since 20 Mar 2013
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Topics I've Started

Bread Crumb Substitute?

23 March 2013 - 06:37 PM

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for a bread crumb substitute? In my "normal" baking/cooking I use bread crumbs a lot --- i.e.: black bean burgers, parmesan tilapia, meatballs, etc. Thanks for any input!  :)

Input Is Appreciated!

20 March 2013 - 06:37 PM

So, I would love to hear any input that any of you may have about my husbands condition. I am at a loss of what to do for him as we don't have health insurance and the county hospital is a joke. His history is below.... any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated!  :)


June 1st of 2011 he was hospitalized for 4 days and received 2 blood transfusions because he had lost so much blood..His blood level was around 6.5. He was losing blood when ever he had a bowel movement, which was daily, sometimes multiple times a day. He had always had the bleeding issue and it began around the age of 12/13 years old and he is now 28, almost 29, years old. The doctors at the hospital checked for hemorrhoids, which he had (I don't remember if they were external or internal but it wasn't enough to cause the large amount of bleeding) and they performed a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and they had him drink a dye to do (I believe) a CT scan. They were unable to find anything to cause the bleeding. He had blood tests done and nothing came back abnormal. He has been taking fiber (4 capsules daily at 0.52g/capsule) and iron pills (2 tablets at 65mg each) since that incident, he still has the bleeding (which he has had daily since he was 12/13 years old), but has noticed that the bleeding has increased to the point of where he will need to be hospitalized again, soon, if we can't find a solution. 


He says that when we eat healthy it is bright red but when we go out to eat, grab a burger, etc. it generally is dark red. He does have clotting, he said its normally all the time, but it always looks like someone poured blood in the toilet bowl. His stools are firm and it hurts for him to have a bowel movement (in his words "bowel movements make him feel like its opening up his guts"). He also said that he has a sharp stinging pain (in his rectum) mostly through the day, however it goes away at night.



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