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Help With Test Interpretation Please?

18 November 2014 - 10:23 AM


I went to a Chiropractor a couple of weeks ago, who specializes in integrative health, and asked to be checked for issues with my Thyroid since I've had Hashimoto's since 2001 and haven't been feeling great and can not seem to lose weight. He ran a fairly complete panel on me and while it doesn't appear to be a full Celiac panel, I'll include the ones that were off. My interpretation after some late night googling, led me to Celiac disease, which would make sense based on my symptoms. (abdominal bloating especially in the upper ab area, constipation, gas, skin rashes, fatigue, aching joint/muscles and depression).  I do have an appointment with him on Friday to go over the results but I am not sure I can afford to use him for treatment because insurance won't cover it and he's VERY expensive.

Here are the results in question:  

Immunoglobulin G subclass 2  745 (High)       range: 241-700

Immunoglobulin G serum        1643 (high)      range: 694-1618

Immunoglobulin A                       17 (LOW)      range:  81-463

Gluten Allergen IGG                    9.7 (high)      <2.0 mcg/mL



Oddly, my thyroid antibodies were negative and all of my levels were nearly perfect.

Magnesium was normal

Vitamin D came back strange... one (dyhidroxy) was slightly high at 81 and the other regular one they always run (D3) was 36. I take 1000 iu's almost every day but I miss it occasionally. 

My cholesterol was just outside the normal range, but I know changing my eating habits will help.


About 6 years ago, I had an endoscopy and they checked for H Pylori and Celiac disease... both were negative. 


Wondering if I should take these results to my family doctor and see about getting more tests or should I just go ahead and go Gluten free because clearly there's something awry. 

Also, the blood work that was run, was done about 2 weeks after failing at a gluten-free diet that I tried for just 3 weeks. Not sure if that would have an impact one way or another. 

Thanks in advance!

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