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8 Year Old Daughter, Suspected Celiac?

24 March 2013 - 07:31 PM

My 8 year old daughter has had issues with her stomach for about 9 months now. Mainly, bloating and morning nausea, which I stupidly attributed to nerves about school, because we moved 3 times in 2 years. Over the last few months, she has had a few bouts of morning vomiting (it's always just bile, happens maybe 3-4 times, she falls asleep and then wakes up ravenously hungry) with the most recent two times within a week of each other. I finally decided that something other than nerves had to be to blame....so off to the pediatrician we went.
She mentioned a myriad of possible culprits (gluten or celiac was one), ran a bunch of tests on her, and the only thing that came back out of the ordinary, was her alkaline phosphatase reading "below low normal".  I have not spoken to the doctor as of yet, because I saw the blood test results on her account last night. Upon further research, I narrowed it down to a few possibilities... hypothyroidism (she doesn't have the signs... I have this disease), nutritional deficiencies (could be, however she is my BEST eater out of four children) or Celiac disease. I tested negative for this 4 years ago, but have been told I am probably gluten intolerant, so I eat very little to no gluten, however I do buy foods that contain glutens for the rest of the family. 
I am wondering what you all think... and what testing should I be looking for, based on what we're looking at right now. 
Her other symptoms are bloating, gas, pale, redness around eyes, and occasional eczema. She is in the 50th% for height and weight, consistently. She seems to have a bowel movement fairly regularly, but I haven't checked them to see what they're like.  She previously had a tree nut allergy that was diagnosed at the age of 2, and was cleared of it two months ago, after all the testing came back negative. I still don't allow her to have nuts though, just in case. 
I am worried sick about her, as she seems to be sick an awful lot, and I just want my sweet girl to feel well again.