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#860648 Endurance Issues And Exercise Intolerance

Posted by on 26 March 2013 - 09:05 AM

About four months ago I started developing quite suddenly severe knee and muscle pains in my quads/hamstrings. I assumed this was due to exercise as I was increasing my workload gradually and was doing about 6 hours of cardio a week at the time. I went to a sports medicine doctor which diagnosed it as IT band syndrome and sent me to physical therapy. The therapy didn’t help, and the symptoms spread to other joints and muscles. Eventually I went to my primary care doctor which tested me for lupus, RA, Lyme and  toxoplasmosis  -  all were negative.


I had googled the symptoms and gluten intolerance did fit some of the symptoms, but I had no digestive symptoms so initially I assumed it wasn’t the problem, but eventually I was getting very frustrated with  the constant pain and not being able to exercise that I decided I might as well give the gluten free diet a chance. Within two days I could feel the difference, and four weeks into the gluten free diet I would say I’m about 95% back to normal.


It’s a bit disappointing that I was the one to come up with the answer after three months of suffering  and $1500 worth of tests, rather than a doctor, but I guess I’m happy to be back to normal.


It’s quite amazing just how widespread and diverse the pain was, I was getting joint pains in basically every joint of my body, ligaments and tendons would hurt, needle prick and some longer lasting burning sensations in muscles, joint clicking in the spine, skin sensitivity, and the most concerning was a feeling of individual muscle fibers tearing when performing routime every day motions. Essentially my whole body was hurting one way or another.

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