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#861791 Is It Normal For Doctors To Discourage Celiac Testing?

Posted by on 03 April 2013 - 08:08 PM

My doctor poopooed me when I suggested celiac as a possible cause for many of my health problems. I am seeing him on Friday (a surprise appointment LOL) and requesting he test me for the appropriate blood tests. If he poopoos me again I'm going to say "Look buster, I pay the bills here and if I want tested for something it doesn't take much effort for you to write a few numbers down on the lab sheet and have your nurse draw the blood..." But I do have insurance so, that woudln't necessarily be an option for those without insurance unless they were able to pay the balances. Luckily it seems my insurance is quite good when it comes to labwork so I'm not worried about the costs. For me, it's important to know if I possibly do have celiac because it would explain tons of my health problems (including my "psoriasis" which I fully now believe is dermatitis herpetiformis). My family will be going gluten free regardless of my diagnosis to see if OUR health problems improve. But I want to get this bloodwork done regardless, if it is suggestive of celiac I will try to get an intestinal biopsy done to confirm. I want an answer to my health problems darn it! :) Then at least I would be more likely to go 100% gluten free for life without many intentional glutenings.

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