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Dizziness From Vanilla Extract?

28 February 2014 - 04:52 PM

I am working on going gluten-free. I have no formal diagnosis yet (I may not even pursue it) but I had no major issues today but around noon I had a cup of coffee (which I have every morning) but this time mom added Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla Extract to our Half & Half for our coffee. We've done that before, but I've been now 2 full days (attempting to be completely gluten-free) without gluten. I was glutened (I think) yesterday at lunchtime when I made gritz from a brand new, unopened can. They were not certified gluten-free and do not say gluten-free on the label. So it was my fault. Diarrhea, nausea, heart burn from the grits. :(


But today not long after drinking my coffee (I am not a sipper, I drink it like I do water) I got up from laying down and noticed I was very dizzy and my head feels very airy, like my skull is inflated with helium. I'm hating this! ACK! Could this dizziness and helium-head feelings come from gluten? I've not had this feeling from food before. But then again I've never gone gluten-free before either.


There was only a Tablespoon of extract for all three of our coffees, which equates to 1 Tsp per coffee, which really isn't a whole lot considering the alcohol in it. Soo I'm not sure what's going on. I've eaten a protein shake for breakfast which was gluten-free. scrambled eggs for lunch and then a chicken breast for snack (leftovers) then had coffee with the cream and vanilla extract in it. This head thing only happened after the coffee. My stevia is gluten-free that I use only in coffee. Our coffee has not changed, nor cream, nor vanilla, nor stevia.


I don't seem to have any really significant intestinal or stomach problems right now. I am still getting sharp stabbing (though light feeling) pains in my intestines since after the chicken today. I put Sargento shredded cheddar cheese on it. I know I am having issues with cheese right now but never had that cause this weird head feeling and dizziness. 


Any thoughts?

Gluten Intolerance Or Celiac But Neg Bloodwork Last Year

24 February 2014 - 12:37 PM

Hi, everyone. My blood work was negative for Celiac last year, and I also had a biopsy done on my hand (palms) where I have an undiagnosed pustular psoriasis-like rash (and on the soles of my feet) and that was inconclusive for psoriasis AND DH. So I am still no further to finding out these health problems I have.


I had an upper endoscopy but I don't think they took biopsies of my stomach or my duodenum. If they did, I never received a call with any results. 


Anyway, I'm going through a phase again of diarrhea (fluffy, weird cloud-like stools) of yellowish or light brown color most of the time, bloating, nausea and the newest issue is heart burn that is not relieved by Pepcid or Prevacid which is WEIRD for me. I have an old-ish prescription of Phenergan (from last year due to the severe nausea I had) and it's working well for my heartburn and bloating pain.


I am starting to journal my food intake and I am noticing that whenever I eat something with obvious gluten I end up with this heart burn and bloating. My stomach was happy and fine when I woke up, I was up for about an hour then had breakfast. Mom made biscuits and eggs and I had an egg sandwich with one biscuit as the bread, and had a slice of American cheese on it.


Within a half hour I noticed the bloating and burning way down low in my intestines, then less than 5 minutes after that I felt the heart burn appear. So I took a Phenergan. I'm feeling much better though right now it's not fully kicked in, so I still have a little bloating pain but it seems the heart burn is gone.


Now here is some background:

Feb 5, 2014 I quit drinking diet soda altogether. I had 3 that day by noon and around 1pm I refused to drink any more soda. I have only had water, orange juice, soy milk and 2 regular Cokes since then. I am drinking water all day with the occasional OJ for breakfast (4-8oz).


About a week or so ago I noticed my PMLE (sun allergy) was horrible. It is now affecting my face first and foremost, my EYES, my arms which is typical for me but even indoors Incandescent bulbs are causing the rash on my face, and arms. That is not normal at all for me. I've been waking up with a rash all over my face, it's not super red or anything but it tends to itch. I am not noticing any swelling in my throat or anything like that.


I do have rosacea and it's flared up big time on my left cheek, on the apple. Huge red blotch. So I put sunscreen (SPF 50) on my face today not long after I woke up.


I have to wear my over-my-glasses sunglasses all day and until I go to sleep due to the brightness of the sun in our house, lightbulbs, TV, laptop screen cause me to have a migraine and my eyes sting and burn. I'm also having eye allergies so I've been using Zaditor which doenst work for the light sensitivity (which also causes stinging and burning) and I switched to Visine A.C. and it works better for now for the regular seasonal eye allergies. But the stinging/burning from light started prior to the eye allergies.


So that is where I am at right now. I have to wear sunscreen whenever I go outside or am near a window. And even then the sunscreen doesn't seem to protect my face at all from developing the rash and the rosacea. The sunscreen is finally protecting my arms like it should but for some unknown reason it is not helping my face. So basically I am a hermit in my own home now.


I am thinking I might go ahead and do the colonoscopy. But when I had the upper GI scope they didn't sedate me enough and wow it was a horrible experience to say the least. So I will tell the colonoscopy doctor and nurse that I was not sedated enough for the endoscopy I had in August (which was in Ohio, we moved to Nevada since then) so I hope they can seriously sedate me this time.


I am lactose intolerant but do not have any issues with sliced cheese or sour cream that I have noticed. I can't eat cottage cheese, frozen yogurt, yogurt, milk, etc. Though I seem to be able to handle milk or cream in amounts I use for coffee every morning without having any issues.


I have no known food allergies other than Kiwi and fresh pineapple. That causes burning on my lips and tongue but no systemic reactions as of last time I had those foods.


If you can give any advice or anything please feel free to reply. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow to address the skin rash. I'm seriously thinking of going gluten-free but I live with my parents and they do not have gluten intolerances. Our kitchen would be full of gluten and skillets, pans, oven, toaster, pantry, etc would all be contaminated all the time.


Thank you.

Celiac Bloodwork Results Back, What Do They Mean?

08 April 2013 - 02:30 PM


Gliadin AB (IGA) 4 units (normal is 0-19)

Gliadin AB (IGG) 2 units (normal is 0-19)

IGA 147 units (normal is 91-414)

Transglutam AB IGA <2 U/mL (normal is 0-3)

Transglutam AB IGG 2 U/mL (normal is 0-5)


Here are my serum results. My doctor didn't notate my online account so I have no idea what these mean, if anything. Please someone help me figure this out. I am trying to figure out if I indeed do have celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. I do have an appointment with my dermatologist to see if I can get a skin biopsy to confirm or deny DH. I don't know how to read these results. Please advise. Thank you. :)

I'm Too Hot Or Too Cold, Chills, Never In Between Today!

03 April 2013 - 05:58 PM

Ok, I've not been yet diagnosed with anything relating to celiac but I have my doc appt on Friday and will request the specific blood tests to be done. Today I can't seem to get to a normal feeling temperature. I have my legs covered up and my feet are sweating (too hot!!) but if I put my fan on I'm way too cold! I get chills and goose bumps all over if I have my fan on. I can't get comfortable and I don't know why. I did check my temperature and it's perfectly normal today (which is odd since for over a year I've had eleveated temperature in the evenings/nighttime). I'm bloated feeling and always a little gassy. I just ate ice cream about a half hour or so ago and as I type this I'm starting to get nauseated and it feels now like I'm getting more bloated which is causing the nausea. I had a sandwich about an hour or so ago (wheat bread). This is happening more and more day by day I've noticed. I tend to always eat wheat with any meal, and have for many years.


I have what I truly believe is DH instead of palmoplantar pustular psoriasis. (mostly same symptoms but poss caused by celiac). I've already posted a lot of my health problems in other threads I've recently started but I need to know if this temperature things is normal?! I cannot sleep without a fan directly on my head and body, otherwise I wake up soaked in sweat, even a nap during the day. Been like that for about 2 years. But today the temperature thing is out of control. My arms are cold with goose bumps but my main upper body and head feels too warm like I want the fan on. My legs are chilly and frozen yet they are too warm and my feet are sweating. Yuck! I don't know if this is somehow a new manifestation of gluten intolerance.. I tried searching this forum for "hot and cold" but the search was fruitless. I feel like I'm going to go insane! If I cover up my arms, i immediately get too hot yet my arms still feel cold. Is this considered a "neurological" symptom?

I Have A Good List Of Labwork That I Need Help Deciphering, Anyone Willing To Help Me?

01 April 2013 - 08:59 AM

I hate to do this to you all but I'm confused as heck by my lab work. I have a copy of ALL of my labs since I started seeing my current GP and I went through them and googled all of them to see what they *could* mean. Here are the results of the abnormal ones…

The calcium oxalate I guess means I had moderate kidney stones.. He never told me that. That would have been nice to know!!

I screwed up the formatting when I copied it from my doctor's patient chart website and pasted it into ExceI, I have no idea what the real normal values are unfortunately. I think every single time I log into the website it notifies my doctor/nurse that I was there. I had already been there like 3 times or more in a week. LOL I really couldn't find any good info on the correct values for them so I left them blank OR messed up. I gave up trying to fix it.

The labs are sorted by Lab test then by date so you can see how the labs change over time. I did find a connection with a lot of them to celiac but I may be reaching. :P I am looking to see if I have a valid reason to go to my doctor and request the full celiac panel of blood work. What do you think? I don't know if anyone here is any kind of expert in lab results but I'm hoping to see if I have a case. I know that I was tested for "IGA" and "IGG" and "IGM" but that's all it says. They were within the normal range. That was just one year ago. I have no idea what they are, are they tests for Celiac??

Here is the link to my google docs file that has my labs: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing


I did notate what I thought could be the answer to those lab results. I can't see how I am anemic (even in the slightest) I eat a lot of red meat (yeah yeah, I know, it's not healthy :P) I may not have the healthiest diet out there but I'm trying to change that. I really do think I have celiac and I would go get a biopsy done on my "psoriasis" that I really think is dermatitis herpetiformis (same exact symptoms of it!!) but I used steroid ointment lately so I have to wait 2 months I think to actually get biposied. So I'm opting for blood work but I need to know if I need to even worry about celiac. I know I have bloating and sometimes sharp pains in my gut not long after eating wheat products. Had some loose yellow stool lately as well. Just a general unwell feeling along with a fever I've had for over a year. It's been between 99.0 and 99.9 most of the time, comes on in the afternoon and goes away by morning after I've fallen asleep. *shrugs* My doctor isn't concerned with it but I am!! It's a change and I wish I knew what caused it!


Ok enough babbling, please, if you can, please help me decipher this code. :) I'd be eternally grateful!



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