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In Topic: Hypothyroidism, Celiac Disease And Infertility. Do I Really Need To Be Tested?

30 March 2013 - 08:05 PM

A big welcome to the board. 


While I am not specifically familiar with male fertility issues associated with celiac, they are most assuredly associated with pregnancy and childbearing in women, so without looking it up I would have to assume if you have done your reading that it could certainly also be a male issue.  I have often said that fertility clinics should first be required to run a celiac panel :rolleyes:   What is hypochondriacal about concerns with fertility??  Very real issue, and one that doctors are not particularly clued into, alas.


As for the benefits of being tested, some find that it is a good motivator to stick with the diet if they have been officially stamped "celiac"; they need never second guess themselves.  It is also good to be aware that any future children you have will have the likelihood of developing the condition so they should be monitored and tested periodically.


Autoimmune disease begets autoimmune disease, so if you have one you may well develop others.  The blood test is such a simple step, so do it now while your antibodies are busy running around.  Don't wait until they've gone away and then wish you had had the testing. :)

Wow.  That makes me feel a lot better about it.  Thank you for the kind and quick response! I didn't even consider that my children might have the same condition.  I guess I should just do it.  I'm very used to having my blood drawn so it should be no big deal.

In Topic: Lymph Nodes

30 March 2013 - 07:36 PM

I still haven't been tested for Celiac disease, but I definitely have swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  They aren't painful, but have been swollen for many years.

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