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In Topic: Colonoscopy Question

Today, 10:27 AM

I would not count on it! First colonoscopy, I ended up in the ER for 8 hours after passing out in the hospital hallway after the procedure. The second was better, but I was weak from all the complications of celiac disease (anemia, etc.).

I am sure everyone has a different story.

In Topic: Positive Wheat Allergy But Negative Celiac Disease- Blood Test

Today, 07:19 AM

We understand about the amount of time it can take to get an endoscopy in Canada. Karen was trying to make sure that all proper testing was done.
It is hard after being gluten free to do testing again. For some, it is difficult to maintain the gluten free diet without that official diagnosis.

I was diagnosed two years ago, but my husband was not. He went gluten free per the advice of my allergist and his GP 14 years ago. He was not advised to take a blood test nor do an endoscopy. Celiac disease was not even mentioned. He did well after learning how to avoid cross contamination. He has been thriving. He tells me that I have had more support from family and friends because of my official diagnosis. Plus, our new doctor is quick to test me for other issues and test my daughter who does not even display symptoms at this point.

Since you have made the decision to go gluten free, just make sure you do it correctly. Read our Newbie 101 section under "Coping". I think you will find it useful. Remember, it can take years to fell well. (Took me two years.....)

I wish you well!

In Topic: Artificial Sweetener

Yesterday, 08:13 PM

I use Splenda sparingly. I never used artificial sweeteners in the past because they gave me (and my Dad) headaches. That was aspartame, I think. Overall, real sweetners are best, but I have diabetes now, and that will kill me faster than artificial sweeteners.

In Topic: Please-- Is This Normal?

Yesterday, 08:07 PM

Anemia was my only symtom at the time of my diagnosis. But I had seven weeks between my blood panel and my endoscopy and I ate gluten like crazy! It was a fond farewell, except I started getting all the traditional stomach issues like bloating, stomach pinching, etc.

It took about six months for the anemia to resolve and finally after two years, I feel normal! I also had many allergies and food intolerances that have improved or resolved.

Be sure to check our our Newbie 101 section under "Coping" to insure that you are not accidentally getting glutened. . That will just extend your healing time!

In Topic: A Few Questions About Testing

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

Do you have any children? Celiac disease is genetic. So, your diagnosis would help others to get tested even if they are not displaying any intestinal issues (my symptom was anemia).

But if you choose to remain gluten free, you have to be very careful! Check out our Newbie 101 thread under "Coping" for tips that help uncover hidden gluten in processed foods, avoiding shampoos, lotions, lipsticks, etc and cleaning up your kitchen (no shared condiments, toaster, wooden spoons, plastics, etc.

Welcome to the forum!