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Member Since 31 Mar 2013
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In Topic: Celiac Advice

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

Welcome! How long since your celiac diagnosis and how long have you been gluten free?

In Topic: Colonoscopy/endoscopy After 9 Years Strict gluten-free

Yesterday, 12:58 PM

Get re-tested while eating gluten free. You may be getting gluten after all! Why guess? Get the facts! Besides all the leading experts (e.g. University of Chicago celiacs website) recommend follow-up testing as part of normal care for a celiac.


NVSMOM is right about getting your thyroid tested too!

In Topic: Hypoglycemia And Gluten Sensitivity

Yesterday, 12:54 PM

103 is a normal reading, especially after eating just carbs! That is good news. Be sure to test when you are feeling bad. You might catch the low numbers. Remember to test at one and two hours and start counting after the first bite of food. Keep a record.

Hey, are those oats certified gluten free?

In Topic: Follow Up

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

Call and ask if you can pick up a photocopy of the lab results. It is your right to have them (you and your insurance paid for them). Next time, take notes or bring someone with you who can take notes. Did you ask him if you have or he suspects celiac disease? Try calling back and ask the nurse to read the chart.

In Topic: Celiac, Symptoms While Pg On Gluten Free Diet

Yesterday, 10:32 AM

When you see your doctor or call your GI and tell him you are pregnant to speed things up, have him re-run the celiac panel to see if somehow you have been getting gluten. At least you can rule out gluten as the culprit. Then if it is normal, you can look for other answers and they may very well be just related to all the hormonal changes.

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