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Royal Carribean Cruises

11 July 2014 - 11:01 AM

Hey all!

I am back from my 12 day Baltic cruise. Hats off to Royal Carribean for going out of their way to make us safe. For snacks they offered Udi's pizza, fruit and packaged Udi's cookies at the 24 hour coffee shop. Ate all meals in the dining room. Two head waiters took really good care of us. They even talked to us about food selections and cc safety. I highly recommend RC for a great gluten-free experience. They even baked gluten-free muffins and bread for us!

We did get glutened once, but I think it occurred in St. Petersburg while on a tour. I recovered quickly from that CC episode. Hubby and I did well during our two weeks in Great Britain too thanks to everyone's input! We dined many mornings at Costa's Coffee where they had gluten-free chicken wraps and brownies that were really good. Ate a lot of tailgate meals from M & S, TESCO and Sainbury's too. Stayed at gluten-free Bed and Breakfast Inns and carried bread and toaster bags for those that were not dedicated inns. Even had Fish and Chips!

Airline food (pre-ordered) was horrible. A gluten-free tin of food marked with a Sharpie but served with crackers and a roll made from wheat? We passed! Carried food with us.

Had a fabulous time, overall!

Funny Cost For Celiac Blood Panel

28 February 2014 - 01:21 PM

I was formally diagnosed a year ago.  My husband has not been formally diagnosed, but went gluten free 13 years ago at the advice of my allergist and his MD/GP.  Since my daughter was symptom free (I know….my only symptom was anemia), I waited until the "Affordable Care Act" was officially in place to have her tested for celiac disease.  We are self-employed and I was already "uninsurable" which meant that I was able to keep my old insurance but wasn't able to shop around for other insurance.  In my state, I could get new insurance but at an extra premium (we pay about $22K/year for three of us as it stands now).  My daughter has her own policy and I didn't want a "ding" on her record or any rejection.


Her results were negative.  Yeah!  


I received her bill from her insurance company yesterday.  The test was about $600.00.   Her insurance has set charges (negotiated rates), we had to pay the total lab costs of $68.00 since we have not met her deductible.    At first I just thought it was some kind of co-pay, but that was the full amount.  I cringe to think what folks without insurance must pay!  


Fortunately, my husband and I have a HMO policy that covers just about everything (and we pay through the nose for it).  




I would have paid the $600 since health is everything to us, but still?  Why such a disparity in charges?  



Xanthan Gum

16 December 2013 - 08:54 AM

Ugh!  Another intolerance identified!  This time it is xanthan gum.  I have have used xantham gum for years in baking for my gluten-free husband.  Now that I have been diagnosed, my own consumption rate of it has increased (as I heal, I've been feeling better and have been inspired to bake).  


I confess that I eat a lot.  When cookies come out of the oven, I've been known to eat at least 10 of them within an hour!  I am a pig, even though I know moderation is best! B)  So, knowing that I won't change that lifelong behavior (and don't want to), I switched to guar gum and I have been fine. Then I made tacos two weeks ago and used gluten-free taco sauce.  I got my stabbing stomach pains within a few minutes so I ran back into the kitchen and read the taco sauce label.  Yep, it contained xanthan gum! (Oh, my gluten-free husband does not even have any issues, so I know that I'm not getting "glutened".)


Does anyone else have issues with xanthan gum?  This new intolerance really puts a damper on purchasing processes gluten-free foods which are handy to consume when you are traveling!




16 December 2013 - 08:41 AM

I am so sad!   :(


I was diagnosed in March 2013 and purchased some gluten-free (certified) quinoa for breakfast porridge.  I had not had any in a long time.  I reacted to the quinoa just as I would to gluten (pain in my actual stomach, rock feeling in stomach, body aches, irritability, etc.).  I figured that it was just too soon after my diagnosis and I put it away in my freezer for a later time.


I made my yummy banana, cocoa, honey, vanilla porridge last week.  Felt a bit of twinge, but nothing significant.  Made it again yesterday and I have sharp stomach pains, body aches -- the works!  


I know that quinoa is a safe gluten free alternative, but I guess I have an intolerance to it.  I am frustrated because I known for years (more than 15) that I have allergies and intolerances to milk, eggs, mushrooms, garlic and nuts.  I am tired of food intolerances!!!!


I will now give away my quinoa and stick to brown rice porridge when it's cold outside.


Does anyone else react to it?  I'm sure that my pot and the other porridge ingredients are all gluten free and there's no chance of cross contamination in my kitchen.