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In Topic: Uticaria, Lactose, Blood Type

10 April 2013 - 04:03 PM

As with any other allergy you could possibly eventually have an anaphylaxic reaction right? I mean how can you tell... I get scared sometimes since it gets triggered so differently.. I don't want to be in a Zumba class and collapse.. I notice when I do I turn bright red and feel like I'm on fire then ill have shortness of breath because of activity induced asthma :|.. Is it getting better for you now? I feel like the more I take time to realize all this the more I feel like my list of problems rise lol.. Is it from some brain fog lifting :P so I just checked out your list and it sounds a lot like me! Do you mainly eat whole foods? I looked at a hit food list and it makes gluten-free in addition to this more restricted. This is tough :( if it helped you with your heat intolerance/exercise reactions I really might have to try.

In Topic: Uticaria, Lactose, Blood Type

10 April 2013 - 02:36 PM

What? Another with the same symptoms I get while exercising? And with a name! Awesome, really.
I have tried many diets to help with my AI conditions, blood type included. I found the Arthritis protocol worked well for me as it eliminated all inflammatory foods - gluten, dairy, nightshades, soy, alcohol and it was very low carb, yes I am an O. I was impressed and moved onto the suggested SWAMI which is personalized, I guess, to me. Well, it brought back many of my symptoms and didn't work for me. I am dairy intolerant too and am having a hard time with it. Just tested cheese (mozarella) again today and my face is somewhat burning now (within 10 minutes of consuming). I would have to meet a A type to try both paleo and the blood type to get me fully convinced. My body is pretty sensitive and I can react pretty quickly to foods so on the blood type diet apples are shunned but I don't get a reaction when I eat them - figs are a superfood but I start burning within 10-15 minutes. I still suggest a food journal and elimination diet over anything else.

Yeah the hives with exercise is weird. My mom has it as well! And I agree on the process of elimination diet. I match that of what that diet says but I understand that it's not backed with medical research so it wouldn't apply to everyone. Sucks with the dairy issue because I love cheese on everything ;(

In Topic: Uticaria, Lactose, Blood Type

10 April 2013 - 02:29 PM

So basically, there is no research about blood type and Celiac.  As I remember, this guy has no real medical evidence of most of the "info" in his book.  Its was just a fad diet book.

Sorry I didn't want to provide misleading information just thought it was interesting.

In Topic: Uticaria, Lactose, Blood Type

10 April 2013 - 01:00 PM

This is a link that goes over Dr. Peter J. Adamo's blood type philosophy...  I don't expect it to work for everyone or be followed but I thought it was interesting! :)  Was curious if anyone followed it and it makes sense that a majority of celiacs are type o because of how common the blood type is, I didn't know that! Its geared more towards weight loss but I feel that the layout it provides makes sense if in fact you have some of these food allergies that it suggests you to avoid. I thought it was neat how it lined up to the fact that I started noticing my trouble with dairy, certain grains and how I need to be active and love being active even though I have been suffering from fatigue. There's also information on other blood types.  http://www.dadamo.com/bloodtype_O.htm

In Topic: 2 Months Gluten Free & Still.....

08 April 2013 - 10:11 AM

So I've been having the same issues.  I have been nearly 100% gluten free for the past 3 months... I still have symptoms like fatigue, diarrhea, bouts of brain fog etc and considering whatever damage has been done it takes a while for your body to regenerate and heal. Do you at least feel better overall?  I'm not an expert and have not yet been diagnosed with celiacs or non-celiac gluten intolerance but from my own experience, advice from this forum, and personal research it is all about what you eat and a lot of times people with this problem are given dense nutrional options like gluten free pizza, gluten free donuts, cereals, breads, etc... but what a person in this condition really needs are WHOLE foods, almost paleo and whomever can tolerate grains and some dairy. So in that sense try a break from anything processed and opt for whats tolerable that is natural in its own form... so nothing in boxes or cans, fruit, some nuts, animal proteins... it is all individual to what your body can or can't handle other than the fact that you can't have gluten. Most importantly check for possible vitamin deficiencies that you may need to supplement on and be patient because it's most likely your body trying to heal :) I hope you get better, I know it's tough but you're on the right track, give it time and maintain positive thinking :)

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