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momma bee

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In Topic: Daycare Troubles?

24 June 2013 - 09:18 PM

Better if i just remove response :( wow!

In Topic: Daycare Troubles?

24 June 2013 - 09:12 PM

Thank you tarnalbenrry, I think putting it in writing is a good plan. I will try that tomorrow first thing in the morning.
Kareng all I can say is "wow"! Negligent? Wow!

In Topic: Biopsy This Week...one Year Old..pretty Nervous!

23 June 2013 - 06:05 AM

Can't tell you the chances but can say my daughter was 15 months on diagnosis, blood tests were ALL negative but had sufficient IGA. Her endoscopy clearly showed multiple signs of celiac. So I would think with that then even one positive would be best to confirm.

The scope itself is not that bad of an experience. She was drinking formula up until the early morning and was only without a short bit. They let me stay with her until they got her into the or (she was having other surgery) and until she was sedated. If they let you stay until they give her some sedation it is nice but prepare.yourself to walk away from your sedated baby :( for me that was the worst part (but also she was having exploratory surgery and an adenoidectomy so i was more on nerve for that). But then shortly after (it is a pretty quick procedure) she will be done the procedure and back to you, sleepy and wanting to cuddle and likely wanting a bottle. So not too bad over all!

The "worse" part is waiting for results. Not sure about elsewhere but here we waited a full week. Sometimes they see things before office all results.back but not always and our GI told us almost never in ones as little as this. But I guess in the end what is a week after all this time trying to figure out the problem etc...

Hope all goes well and smoothly!

In Topic: Even More Confused After Gi Appt!?

21 June 2013 - 05:13 AM

I think he is not ruling it out yet or he wouldn't be doing the biopsy. Fantastic they can get it done so quickly! The scope itself can show other issues she is having if there are other issues so it is useful for more then celiac.

We were also told with our daughter being one year old the damage is less likely to be visual and after the scope the GI doc had thought it had looked fine, he said he might have noticed a "thickening" in one spot but it was very subjective. We were to call in after one week and get the results which us what we did. In our case we hadn't suspected celiac before the scope so when the scope was poaitive we went for blood after the scope and her blood all came back negative. So then they were perplexed as well but the scope showed many markers for celiac (there are several things they look for in the tissue to confirm diagnosis not just one). Then they sent us for the genetic tests to verify and they were positive for our daughter.

Our pediatrician has said that at this young of an age it is quite tricky to diagnose celiac and the paths to diagnosis will vary!

So i would anticipate they are still suspecting celiac and looking for it and you may also find they do the gene tests hla dq2 and dq 8 if my memory is right to confirm. And as you said, with her only eating 3 months now there may not be as much damage yet... Our GI was surprised there was given she had also only been "eating" a few months and I would say the term eating loosely as 95percent of the intake was bottles, we.could barely get her to eat food.

Hood luck with the scope Tuesday and hope it gives you a clear cut answer! Tough enough having a sick little one but so much harder not knowing why nor what to do!

In Topic: Immune Thrimbocytopenia Purpura Or Itp?

20 June 2013 - 06:54 PM

That is great!!!

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