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21 April 2013 - 12:27 AM

Hi, I didn't know whether to start a new thread or add to my last one on migraines.....I have also recently been suffering from arrhythmia and wondered whether this could be associated with celiac? I noticed some references to it in other threads but nothing concrete.

Also just a short note about myself......I am currently going through battery of tests (in the UK) for celiac (or coeliac) - but the first ones came back positive. I did start gluten free but was told to stop until all tests finished. Started down the celiac route after suffering with quite a range of gradually worsening problems over the years, mostly head/migraine, bowel, stomach, fatigue, and dizziness related. My son is already following a diet free of gluten/casein and lots if other foods due to ASD diagnosis (he has been on this diet now for about 12 years).

Many thanks all for all the info so far-


15 April 2013 - 02:40 AM

Does anyone know why celiac would result in migraines (the science behind it)? I suffer from migraine and just wondered why this would be the case. Apologies if already covered somewhere, I but I am fairly new to all this....

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