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In Topic: Could This Be Celiac - Long List Of Symptoms - Please Help

16 May 2013 - 04:24 AM

Hi again,


Not been on here for a few weeks as testing the diet, there is a definate pattern here. I have been on gluten free now for 4 weeks and think I have finally stumbled

on the problem, I actually think it is an intolerance to Barley and not wheat etc.


Is this actually possible can you actually have an intolerance to barley and not wheat and other gluten.


The reason I think this is I have now accidentally eaten foods twice that have only contained barley and not wheat.


I have some gluten free cornflakes and today I had cornflakes, it is all i had eaten and within a few hours I had fullness in ears, blocked nose

tingling around head and pressure around face, now I thought how can this be as the cornflakes are gluten free.


Then I realised I had eaten Kelloggs cornflakes by mistake, look at the label and there is only Barley in there.


When I had a blood test it said that there was not a problem with wheat but would the test also cover barley etc.


Thanks for all the help to date and i hope that my experience can help others with similar problems.

In Topic: Could This Be Celiac - Long List Of Symptoms - Please Help

08 May 2013 - 01:28 PM

Hi Marco,


Yep, people with the nueral affects like gluten ataxia often enough don't test positive on the GI antibodies.  They may not have any GI symptoms sometimes.  They can also be more sensitive to gluten contamination that most celiacs.  and it can take longer for them to heal their nueral issues than a gut issue does.  Nerves just plain grow slowly in all people.  B vitamins are supposed to be helpful for healing nerves.

Thanks again for the reply, struggling to understand this all.


I know I was glutened yesterday and got reactions about an hour after, however the symptoms around my head which can be described as tingling and solidness behind the nose and a feeling that someone is clasping your face with their hands, it is not painful but very annoying and it makes you feel like their is trapped pressure in the face, it is such an uncomfortable and annoying feeling and so frustrating and hard to cope with, like a mild kind of torture.


So this feeling then dies down and the following night it comes back with avengance and possible worse than the initial reaction, why would that happen the following night or is this the toxins leaving the system again, as I was very careful not to eat gluten again after this episode.


very confusing.


Thanks Mark

In Topic: Could This Be Celiac - Long List Of Symptoms - Please Help

08 May 2013 - 03:38 AM

Well feel muggy headed today and very emotional, a bit of a coincidence as I ate gluten by mistake yesterday, it is starting to look like Gluten has been the problem all these years.



i read this:


Symptoms of gluten ataxia can range from progressive balance difficulties and unsteadiness on your feet to problems swallowing. You might have double vision, or even issues controlling your bladder. Your symptoms might come on slowly or might appear suddenly, but probably won't include gastrointestinal symptoms that could indicate celiac disease.

In Topic: Could This Be Celiac - Long List Of Symptoms - Please Help

07 May 2013 - 12:50 PM

I grew up with and had all the symtoms you mentioned (and serveral more) except acidic eye fluid and rash. Since being gluten-free I haven't had much of these symtoms. I seem to be continuing to improve the longer I am gluten-free. My son showed a lot of the symtoms we had growing up he also has illness induced asthma (drs jerk me around about this) and the rash, behavior issues, he's a great kid and super smart but his moods are all over the place and he has my dislexia. I started him in a gluten-free diet two weeks ago and already see GREAT improvements! I don't need him to be diagnosed to know that he is most definitely doing better without gluten. I did go through pretty rough withdrawals, bread, pasta and cakes were my go to comfort foods before all of this. I am vegan I have to say that out of everything I cut out of my diet, gluten was the hardest! Hands down! But worth feeling better, I still have a lot of healing to do but still way better. I say stick with the gluten-free diet, it doesn't matter if you get test results with positive or negitive, some never get positive and get great results when gluten-free. It won't hurt to try, and will possibly help. It takes so long to heal, I feel the sooner you start the better. I feel the best positive test result you can get is after being gluten-free for serveral weeks and trying something with gluten, you should know by your reaction if you have a sensitivity. Not everyone agrees with this method, and that's okay, just my thoughts. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for the reply, sorry to here that you have this as well. Did you ever get any effects on your mind, brain and like a solid feeling behind the nose. feelings of being off balance and clumsiness as described in my new post below, it seems that this problem effects my mind and sinuses more than my digestion etc which I find odd.


All the best Mark

In Topic: Could This Be Celiac - Long List Of Symptoms - Please Help

07 May 2013 - 12:47 PM

I have now been on the diet for 3 weeks and have been feeling much better in myself, I think I have made a good progress.


I have been very careful to read labels etc - however today i got some symptoms but everything i eat labels were OK but I knew something was wrong, so i went online and found that a chicken tikka sandwich meat from aldi had no wheat gluten on the label but it was listed on the manufacturers website which i found strange.


OK, is there anyone on the forums who is effected in a mental way by Gluten? When i had gluten through the Tikka, I had all the brain symptoms I get like the head siezures, like someone has filled my head with something or strange electric zaps and a solid feeling behind nose and even a feeling of being off balance etc.


This all happens really strong a few hours after eating this gluten, in this my imagination as I find it hard to believe that gluten can have such an instant impact in the head and brain, I mean i only had slight wind as well and no stomach issues.


Is it possible to have a problem with gluten that effects the mind more than anything else or could there be something else as well.


Many thanks in advance

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