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In Topic: Peanut Butter

19 August 2014 - 01:23 PM

Hello everyone...I haven't been on in a very long time and I am not sure how to post a new thread.  I was pretty frustrated when I first posted because I was so certain that my peanut butter was contaminated with gluten.   Long story short I have discovered that my trouble..(besides gluten of course) is with processing all fats.  The reactions are different but with many non animal fats it is the same as with gluten....very painful diarrhea.  I discovered this after helping my mom recover from a heart attack last January.  I was at her house for a month and ate low fat and discovered my symptoms disappearing.  (not the symptoms for gluten unfortunately!!)  Since then I have done some searches and have found others with gluten problems having trouble with digesting fats


Also, I worked a cubscout camp and met a guy whose aunt  is gluten intolerant and cannot process any fats.  He said she could eat lean meats like ground turkey.  So...I am posting in case others have this issue and have had any success with it.  I will say that chia seed helps me digest more fat even though I know there is some omega 3 fat in it.  I am guessing it is just a good prebiotic in general for me...Haven't really had a ton of luck with probiotics but I do seem to get some improvement with Culturelle.  Just thought I'd post my discoveries and llok for others with the same issues.  


I have never been tested for Celiac but am horribly gluten intolerant.  I would never be able to go back on it to be tested..not that it is that important.  I simply cannot eat it unfortunately no matter what any test says.

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