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Member Since 17 Apr 2013
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What Now? Results Of Endoscopy For Dd

23 May 2013 - 11:28 AM

Looking for some insight and opinions. 10 yr old daughter has been having stomach problems since Jan of 2013 on almost a daily basis. I have biopsy confirmed celiac.Her celiac panel included EMA- negative, Total Iga- adequate and TTG IGa and TTG IGg. Only her TTG IGG came back positive.

We deceided to biopsy to try and get more information. Unfortunately the chief pediatric gastro only took two biopsies from the duodenum. Pathologist report says "no significant histopathology". They did find her to be low in lactase(lactose intolerance) and glucoamylase(enzyme that breaks down starches). My understanding is that these enzymes are produced from the villi in the small intestine. Daughter is still in pain despite a month on amitriptyline and and anti spasmadic. Now we are starting Ultram which is just a pain pill. My preference is not to drug her into oblivion. Follow up appointment is next week with GI. Should I request more testing? Push for a Dr sanctioned gluten free trail? Dr. 's recommendation may be the only thing that gets her Dad to comply. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Need Advice On 10Yr Dd Results Celiac Mom

17 April 2013 - 01:21 PM

Daughter has been having tummy pain past since Jan along with no appetite and bowel issues. Bloodwork came back and need some insight on how to proceed. I was diagnosed via biopsy 3yrs ago after a lifetime of issues Marsh IIIc. Trying to make sure she doesn't suffer as I did. I realize her results don't necessarily point directly at Celiac. Should I accept functional abdominal pain and move on or investiagte further?


Her results



Total IGA 216  (45-234)

End IGA AB Negative

TTG IGA 1.2 (<4)


TTG IGG 7 (<6)

MCV Low 79.4 (81.0-99.0)


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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