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gluten-free Chocolate Cake In Everyday Food Magazine

27 March 2007 - 01:42 PM

The magazine "Everyday Food" by Martha Stewart Living has a recipe in it this month for Flourless Fudge Cake. It just calls for butter, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, eggs, sugar, confectioners sugar and orange-flavoured liqueur. I'm not too big on the chocolate-orange thing, so I got some raspberry liqueur instead. I'm having some friends over next week and I'm going to make it. Somehow I feel better feeding them a gluten-free dish that I can say "look, it's from Martha Stewart!", makes me feel like I'm not trying to cop some crappy facsimile of "real" dessert on them. Anyhow, will let you know how it turns out, or you might want to pick up a copy of the current issue. It also has a recipe for egg rolls that I'm going to try with rice wrappers......

Chilis (calgary) Sucked

27 March 2007 - 12:32 PM

A good friend of mine is moving back to Newfoundland next week, and I wanted to take her out for lunch before she left. I know Chilis is a favourite place of hers, so I called them 2 days ago to ask if they had any gluten free items on thier menu. The woman on the phone assured me they did. So we go there today. The server tells me to go for anything on the "Guiltless Grill". 2 of which are sandwiches. Right. So I order a Guiltless Grilled Chicken platter. She comes back after a few minutes to tell me there is gluten in the rice. Apparently it is in some kind of sauce. So she says she will add extra vegetables. But then she says I can't have the corn on the cob because there is butter on it. So I ask what on earth is wrong with the butter and she says "it is touching other things". So I ask her if they have a baked potato, they don't. I ask her if they have a tossed salad and she says no "because there is cheese on it" (again, WTF??), and that "everything is touching other things". So I tell her nevermind, I will not eat anything. So she comes back a minute later and tells me the fries are gluten free. And I ask her if they are cooked in the same oil as other breaded stuff. She goes to check. Comes back to tell me the fries are cooked in canola oil. I'd have walked out at this point if I didn't have 3 friends already sitting there. I reinterate the "breaded food" question and establish that no, they do not have dedicated fryers for fries. So I tell her forget it, I won't eat anything. A minute later the manager comes around and tells me I can have the grilled chicken and vegetables and corn on the cob. I ask about the butter. He says its margarine. Whatever. I tell him that I can eat corn on the cob but not to put margarine on it from a tub that was used for buttering bread etc. He assures me he will see to it himself. Fine. I'm now getting plain grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and corn. All my friends are served their meals. Manager comes back and says to me "do you like salmon?". I'm like, uh, no. Then he says they don't have any chicken that's not marinaded and someone cooked me salmon. I don't like salmon, I'm not eating it. I go back to my "forget it, I won't have anything". Then the server comes over and tells me my lunch will be right there. Huh?? Then the manager comes back and says "there was a miscommunication, your chicken is coming". At this point my friends are half done their meals and I think they are getting the idea why I don't eat out much. One of my friends actually said "she called ahead and you told her you had things here she could eat". And the manager says "well, we do, but it's just the plain chicken and vegetables". Had we known my choice was limited to one thing (and by now I'm not even sure about that, because it sounds like they don't know what the hell I'm talking about, and I told the manager that), we'd have gone somewhere else. So, by the time my food arrives, my friends are done eating. The food was edible but very bland. I see some of the other things some of you mentioned in other posts about Chilis (like mashed potatoes) and at no point did they offer me any of those items. I don't think they even know what gluten is at that restaraunt. So, after that run around, I still got charged the full price for the meal but I left a crappy tip.

Honestly, I don't have a problem when a place can't serve me. I *do* have a problem when I make an effort to find out in advance and they give me false information. I know it was quite uncomfortable for my friends, and I know they felt bad for me about it. No wonder I just stay home. BTW, that was the Chilis at Northill Mall in Calgary.


12 August 2006 - 08:45 PM

On my way to Market Mall last night I noticed there is a new market going in the old Fanny's Fabrics site at that plaza on Shaganappi Trail (in Varsity Acres). It's called Organic Planet or Planet Organic or something like that. It didn't appear to be open yet, but it will be intersting to see what they have and give us in the north part of town another option!

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