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In Topic: Sister Doesn't Understand

18 November 2013 - 01:41 PM

I think your mom should lay down the rules to your sister. It is your mom's house. Does your mom " believe" your diagnosis and cc, etc?
For your boyfriends mom, does your boyfriend " get it"? Maybe he could speak to her first? Or the two of you together? For myself, I wouldn't expect her to fix food for me. But I would want her to understand why I brought my own food for get- togethers.

Yea,its my mom's house and my mom has told her thst se needs to stop it but my sister says thatit isn't that bad and if it was then i would move out but i just had surgery (unrelated to celiac) but i can't move just yet. It seems like she doesn't care.

In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

28 June 2013 - 03:13 PM

We had chicken parm and steamed green beans with almonds.

I love chicken parn, I don't know if I want to make my own breadcrumbs or what. Feel free to give me any suggestions if you have anybody

Too hot to do any cooking in or outside, I might make a chicken, pizza with some bacon. Or do a beef taco with refriened beans.

I am four months into living gluten free. When the doctor first told me I have celiac he said it takes time for the small intestine to heal. Can anybody elaborate on this?

Thanks guys! You all are amazing

In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

24 June 2013 - 03:07 PM

Last night I made egg rolls and pork foo young. That was an experiment and it turned out really good.Since I can't eat safely at most Chinese restaurants, I'm learning to do it myself,
Tonight it's beef stew with slaw and cornbread.

What kind of egg roll wrappers do you use?

In Topic: Traveling For Business To Seattle/bellevue (Suggestions)--Newly Diagnosed

07 May 2013 - 11:22 AM

Ask questions, talk to managers, if you have a smart phone or use of a computer use the application or website find me gluten free. I don't live in Washington but when I do travel then I bring snacks and go to to the grocery store and buy food I can make in the hotel. Good luck! :)

In Topic: College Advise From Students

04 May 2013 - 08:11 PM

I am very new to gluten-free and I am finding it keeps getting more difficult rather than easier. I have be diagnosed with celiac disease for less than 3 months now. It was easier when I was at home at the beginning, but moved back to college and things are tough. So to start I go to UW - Madison. I am a beer loving Badger and now I have stopped drinking all together ( I have a slew of stomach issues associated with (but not caused by) celiac disease). I never realized how many of my relationships here were built around going out to eat or drinking. I am trying to be really clean so I pretty much have cut these two things out of my life.

The second thing is advise about how to eat at college. I share a small kitchen with 6 other girls. None of whom are gluten-free. I have my own pots/pans/plate but I am always worried about CC (so worried i often wash my own stuff both before and after). Any tips on staying gluten-free in a shared kitchen. Then comes the real problem. I'm a broke college kid. gluten-free isn't cheap. At all. How do you deal this. What are your suggestions on eating. Then there is being on the go. I am busy and I usually don't have time to stop and eat nutritiously. I have for the past month been subsiding on gluten-free meal bars, Trail mix, nuts and fruits for lunch. I can't really afford to buy lunch at a cafe and i don't have time to stop home to make something. What is something I can throw in my back pack and pull out when I have 15 minutes to eat.

Finally I want to talk about symptoms I have and see if others are having these too. I seem to be constantly thirsty. Then I always seem to be starving. I don't know if this is because I am not eating "regular" meals especially at lunch. An couple of odd symptoms I have been having is some uncoordinated and other times random racing of my heart. I have read this might be due to electrolyte imbalances. Other symptoms I have seem to be related to exposure to gluten (nausea, the big D, head foggy-ness). It always seems that I get glutened at the worst time possible.

This life style change has been really hard for me. A lot of people talk about how wonderful it is to cut gluten out. But that hasn't been the case. Its seems like a constant uphill battle to me. Which is why I am reaching out for some help.

Hey, I would suggest eating foods that are naturally gluten free, washing everything before and after, getting a desperate sponge and just talking to your roommates about how serious it is. Good luck! I know how you feel I'm in college too and have to share a kitchen and some of my roommates don't care or notice that they get gluten on my food. If you don't have one look into a separate cutting board too

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