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In Topic: Is This What Is Wrong With Me?

27 April 2013 - 03:47 AM

Okay I'm really lost and need some help and guidance. I have not been diagnosed with Celiacs. I'm going to try to get this as short as possible. I started suffering deliberating abdominal pain attacks in 2006. I would have severe cramping, gas, bloating, diarrhea, fatigue, and basically felt like I was dying. I've been to many GI doctors and many other doctors in different areas. So I had a colonoscopy like 5 years ago and my doctor said he was almost 100% sure I had Celiacs because of how my intestines looked and made a comment about Celiac Spru? So I went out and bought book on Celiacs and books about going gluten free. After my test results came back I tested negative for Celiacs so I never really thought about it again. Over the years I've tried to go gluten free twice and the first time I wasn't committed and obviously felt no different because I was only eating gluten free once a day. Then two years ago I tried to go gluten free again and had more success but then I had a bad pain attack and was convinced that gluten wasn't the issue.


I've been tested a few times for Celiacs and it always comes back negative but I never could get the doctor saying my intestines looked like I had been affected with Celiacs.



Basically in a nut shell I always feel sick. My stomach is always upset, cramping, giving me diarrhea, or constipation. My body always aches. It seems like almost everything I eat makes me sick. I plan my food schedule around everything because I'm so scared I'll get sick. I have eczema. But every once in a while I'll feel fine. I'm bloated to the point where I look 3-4 months pregnant and I'm always getting asked. They'll tell me " Your small everywhere else then you have this big head belly.


I wish I never what was wrong with me.


It does sound like some kind of allergy. Mine slowly built up. I had pain occasionally and then it would become more frequent to the point where i woke up with severe stomach pains every morning. My blood test came negative for Celiac and i had a colonoscopy which only showed mild lactose intolerance. My doctor sent me off to get a food allergy blood test. And it came out that i had an allergy to wheat. I had eaten wheat all my life pretty much everyday. When i finally stopped eating wheat, almost within 1-2 days i stopped waking up with intense pains in the morning. And the longer i was off it, the more i felt better the next day. I still have trouble avoiding it. Sometimes i eat it and i feel fine afterwards but the next day i will feel awful and be sick for up to 2 weeks.

I'm still very new to this so i still think avoiding wheat hasn't solved my illness completely but i can function ok now. It's very easy to accidently eat the wrong thing because everything is so processed these days. try your best to avoid it for up to 2 weeks and see how you go. Don't buy anything. Make it all yourself. I was lazy about it at first until i was so tired of feeling sick that i took it seriously. If you notice you are feeling well when you avoid it then that's probably it. If you have a sudden pain attack then it could be you slipped up somewhere. It happens to me too so i'm trying hard as well :) Goodluck!

In Topic: Chocolate Milk

27 April 2013 - 03:37 AM

Is chocolate milk gluten free? 

I don't think it is. I buy the brand Almond Breeze and they recently started doing Chocolate almond milk! It's very delicious :) And it is labelled gluten free and lactose free. I don't buy anything unless it's labelled gluten free now because i'm tired of feeling sick and being clueless as to where i went wrong :(

Try chocolate soy milk too. So Good does one that is also gluten free.