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In Topic: How Long Did It Take You To Really Feel Great?

18 March 2015 - 04:46 AM

I think my worst time was around 2 years ago when i was waking up everyday with extreme pain and needing the make that toilet trip. That's when i really cut all gluten. I was already doing my whole doctors thing at the time so i knew it was possibly food allergies.

The second i went off wheat i felt the pain not as intense in just days.

I am still not well. I slip up and make mistakes. The past few days i've been insanely good and noticed my tummy seems more controlled and less 'not feeling right'. 

I always feel tired. But i think it has to do with lifestyle too. Life is so busy these days with the constant working and constant rush to be 'doing something'. I really crave to be back in the past when everything wasn't so fast paced and so rushed just so i can have the time to heal and feel ok again.

I've accepted the fact i'll never feel great. But i want to feel close to great. Like i feel good enough that it seems possible :)

And i have felt that before! There must have been periods where i've been super good and doing it right because it was a few days before i thought to myself... wow i've been feeling pretty good lately :)

Then of course i eat something risky and ruin it all! Stay dedicated (we have no choice!) and have hope :)

In Topic: Symptoms Are Worse Than Pre Diagnosis

18 March 2015 - 04:37 AM

Definitely cut the fibre! I got addicted to brown riceonce ... 2 small serves a day and after a few days i noticed bloating and all related issues and i felt awful! After i realised i was taking too much fibre and stopped i felt much better. 

I have learnt to cook fresh produce myself and never buy any packaged items not labeled gluten free! When i let things slide i always feel sick. It's such a hard life to be so careful :(

Cross contamination is really bad for me. I get headaches nausea and bloating. Also check vitamins. I took a vitamin recently and assumed no wheat involved although it didn't state no gluten on the bottle. I felt so sick after a few days of taking. I contacted the brand who told me they grew the bacteria stuff on gluten... so yeah :( read labels like no tomorrow! don't buy anything not labeled gluten free!

I just hoarded a bunch of black rice and am now concerned about it too! Oh no :(

In Topic: Diarrhea For Over A Month While Gluten Free?

18 March 2015 - 04:30 AM

Hi :) I am wheat allergy and i am the same when i eat wheat. 

When i wake up i have the bad urge to go straight away to get rid of everything inside and i'm done for the day.

I know i am 'poisoned' if this happens to me in the morning. If i stop the wheat.. the morning urge will die down slowly after a few days. If it keeps feeling bad the next morning and the next morning i know i haven't stopped eating wheat.

I have changed my cooking pan to be on the safe side. If you suspect it could be something you are eating then stop for a few days and see if the morning pain is fading (i know the pain is never completely gone). 

For me it's a good indication if i've been poisoned or it's just something else :) Goodluck!


In Topic: Selling Gluten Free Muffins

18 March 2015 - 04:23 AM

ooo yes markets sound like a good idea!

But as people said i know there are laws and such with selling food for health and safety reasons of course. Business insurance etc.

But i think at the markets it is ok.


I wish people like us made food and packaged them and sold them. I am too lazy to cook myself and know everyone has such amazing recipes. I have yet to find a egg free gluten free muffin! I am not sure if i should be off egg but think i might feel better off it so i try to avoid.

I would be a little reluctant to buy from someone's home based on a flyer but i guess that depends on the area you live in and how close the people are.

You can set up a facebook page like a website and show your kitchen and utensils to make it seem a bit more professional and customers will be more assured :)

A girl i work with, her sister started selling frozen homemade dumplings and started doing really well and they set up a small facebook page with customers leaving feedback :)

Go for it! Worse case... you have to eat all the muffins yourself :P

In Topic: Cosmetics! Help!

19 February 2015 - 07:42 PM

I've used the MAC pre and prime. I use it on my eyes and it comes in a small little round tube. It's small but lasts forever. I can't remember if it had vit e but it seems safe for me to use. No issues with it.

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