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In Topic: Gastro Said I 'probably' Dont Have Celiac Desease? Please Read

12 November 2013 - 02:22 PM

Hi thanx for the replys, i was positive on the endomysial antibody test and the anti ttg test, but when I had my endoscopy I was pulling the tube out alot so the person who did the procedure said she couldnt really get a clear view in there, and she only biopsied 1 area too.

Thank you for the info nvsmom, its helped abit but do you think they would be able to notice anything in a colonoscopy that would be signs of celiac? or is that just for the inflammatory bowel? and nogluten cooties - thats interesting, I might consider asking for a candida stool test because Ive had recurring thrush for about 2 years now and its never gone away even with the thrush medicines, ive just got to wait for an appointment now to have my colonoscopy but I'm super nervous lol x

In Topic: Gastro Said I Dont Have Celiac Disease, I'm Crying, Please Help :'(

24 September 2013 - 12:50 PM

Powerofpositivethinking - thank you, that's very true some doctors just don't know how to speak to people, I was waiting over 4 months for that appointment and got my hopes up about having a diagnoses I guess that's why I was so upset, I just wish I could have a confirmed and like proper diagnoses because its hard also when people ask me why I'm eating different food from them, like at family parties, and I have to explain that I 'think' I have celiac disease and not been confirmed lol, but I know that I definitely have a gluten problem so that alone will make me continue to eat gluten free, also the gluten free food is so expensive so its hard :( I'm going to do the test he wants me to do just so I will know if I have that inflammatory bowel condition but I know I don't anyway. x


Kassia - Yes I can see know when I think about it, but yesterday I just had got my hopes up about it, Ohh I have a question, does non celiac gluten intolerance cause the blood tests to be positive sometimes? and I was actually told I had IBS before the doctor thought of testing me for celiac disease lol, and then with the positive result, my doctor told me that I did have celiac disease and thats why I was so sure of it, but gluten intolerance seems to be the best I can get for a diagnoses. Thank you x 

In Topic: Gastro Said I Dont Have Celiac Disease, I'm Crying, Please Help :'(

23 September 2013 - 03:56 PM

Hi Skyblue, thanks for the post, yes I was eating gluten when I had the endoscopy and didnt start my gluten free diet till I'd had all my testing done. 

In Topic: Gastro Said I Dont Have Celiac Disease, I'm Crying, Please Help :'(

23 September 2013 - 01:40 PM

Is that a conference or something I'm not too sure what that means, thats interesting about the slight positive then negative the next day, I thought the endomysial antibody blood test was the best one out there, and that it was more specific than the others, i guess they are doing more research and seeing that its not that good? hmm 

In Topic: Gastro Said I Dont Have Celiac Disease, I'm Crying, Please Help :'(

23 September 2013 - 01:13 PM

Thanks karen, I guess I could be gluten intolerant but the main thing that makes me think its celiac is the endomysial test, is there any way that I can still get a diagnoses now? ive heard of people getting a second opinion but i dont know how to go about that, and this appointment took over 4 months of waiting for it :( i dont know why its so difficult to get a diagnoses, its really bothering me, do you think there would be any doctors who specialise in celiac disease in england? because I really feel like my case needs to be looked into, and also I need to be diagnosed because gluten free food is so expensive, so if I could get a prescription for that it would help so much. I feel like I need a miracle lol. x

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