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Member Since 13 May 2013
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Gallbladder Issues Related To Gluten Intolerance?

13 May 2013 - 12:47 PM

Sudden symptoms that arose last fall...SUPER bloating, like I look pregnant again after eating, and really bad constant heartburn. Tried the tums, otc heartburn stuff, nothing helped. I'm on a heavier prescription for that now, but I have osteoporosis in my family and do not want to take it : (


Symptoms I have had most of my life...heartburn once in while, constipation, migraines, diarrhea, fuzzy brain, serious enough anxiety that I have previously been on meds, and it's been really bad again lately, psoriasis (head).


I did get the "celiac panel" blood test just last week which came back negative. I do see on here that I may need more tests...but I have to find out what exactly was on that panel. I stopped eating gluten around xmas and did feel better. It was hard though and I eventually went back to it for the last 2.5 months or so thinking that wasn't my issue. I did just start again and am off my heartburn med for now, with no issues. 


This month I was finally diagnosed with Biliary Diskenesia, basically my gallbladder empties just barely. My hida scan came back with 6% functionality. I thought all these stomach issues were symptoms of that. The second opinion I went to to talk about surgery, insists they are not related. The first doc thought they were maybe related. So that puts me back to square one with all the stomach issues. My gallbladder doesn't hurt so I'm keeping it for now unless it starts hurting. But if I thought it would help with the stomach issues I would so take that sucker out! Any thoughts from you all? I thought I read something about many people with gluten/celiac issues having gallbladder issues too.


I guess I just want an answer...which I'm starting to realize I may never get and I may just have to be zen about that! I'm trying : ) Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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