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Member Since 24 Jan 2004
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In Topic: Breastfeeding?

15 October 2006 - 06:15 PM


I breastfed all 3 of my children until 14 mos. old. I wasn't diagnosed with celiac disease until after I was finished breastfeeding my 2nd child. My oldest daughter had mucousy bowel movements, almost since birth, which the dr. could never figure out. She also had mild reflux. My 2nd had terrible reflux and mucousy diapers, as well. My oldest was diagnosed at age 3 (a month after I was) and my middle had pos. bloodwork and neg. biospy (inconclusive) at 20 mos. (I believe she does have celiac disease). My youngest has been gluten-free since birth and will remain that way until he is old enough to eat gluten and be able to tell if he has a negative reaction to it.

It is a difficult decision for you, especially since you won't be the one breastfeeding :) Like Suzie said, your wife could breastfeed and look for signs of celiac disease. Or, as others suggested, maybe she would be willing to go gluten-free. There is so much development that occurs in the early years, it's scary to think of compromising your child's health. I keep my son gluten-free because I saw how my daughters (my oldest esp.) were affected at such an early age. It may be controversial to keep your child gluten-free when you have no way of knowing whether or not they will develop celiac disease, but I feel that I am responsible to give my son the best and healthiest start possible.

This is just my experience. Best wishes for a healthy and happy baby!

Rachel diagnosed and gluten-free since 2003
daughter, age 6 (diagnosed and gluten-free since age 3)
daughter, age 4 (gluten-free since 20 mos.)
son, age 2 (gluten-free since birth)

In Topic: I Had A Bone Density Test Today

14 October 2006 - 06:31 PM


I know how you feel. Two years ago at age 30 (one year after I discovered I had celiac disease - age 29) I was diagnosed with osteopenia- they wanted me to be on gluten-free diet for at least one year before they would give me a bone density scan since they say you can regain some bone mass in the first year. I take Actonel 1X wk and 1500 mg of calcium + magnesium each day. I also lift weights, which I've been doing for 10 years. I am hoping to have another scan soon to see if I have regained some bone density, or at least stopped losing bone mass.

I know how frustrating it can be to be so young and have to worry about something that most people don't have to worry about until much later in life. Sorry, I don't have any knowledge about if you can regain bone mass, but I just wanted to let you know that I understand how you feel. Best wishes for a positive outcome on your next dexa scan and may you now have many years of good health!

Rachel (diagnosed by bloodwork and biopsy, gluten-free since 2003
daughter age 6 (diagnosed and gluten-free since age 3)
daughter age 4 (pos. bloodwork, neg. biospy - inconclusive but gluten-free since 20 mos.)
son age 2 (gluten-free since birth)

In Topic: Anyone Eating Oats?

28 May 2006 - 08:04 PM

Thank you for the input. I'm contemplating slowly adding oats into my diet and seeing what happens. Not sure yet - I'm kind of afraid, but we'll see. I'm not comfortable experimenting on my children though - I'll let them try, if they want, when they're old enough to decide and/or tell me how they're feeling.

Thanks again

In Topic: Breast Implants And Celiac Disease

28 April 2006 - 01:22 PM

Thank you for the info. and concerns.

I've been researching this and debating this for quite some time. I do feel as if I am making an informed choice. Obviously there is a risk with any type of surgery - this is a personal decision and appreciate the responses with no judgement.


In Topic: Breast Implants And Celiac Disease

26 April 2006 - 08:12 PM

Sorry if I've worried you needlessly - I'm sure there is nothing to worry about if you haven't had any problems yet.

The reason I asked the question was one of the ps' I saw for a consult had mentioned that with celiac disease being like a psuedo-autoimmune disorder it may put me at higher risk for infection. Another ps didn't even address the issue. I was just curious....my celiac disease is under control and I've been gluten-free for 2+yrs so I'm not worried that my body is necessarily more prone to infection.

I could see this as more of an issue if you had an autoimmune disorder that was difficult to predict or control, but being gluten-free should make me like a "normal" person (when I say normal I mean at no higher risk for complications than the general pop. or people w/out celiac disease), don't you think?

I'm glad you haven't had any problems. I was just curious and I wanted to cover all my bases before I made my decision.


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