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Be Careful A Celiac Living With A Gluten Eater!

24 August 2014 - 07:07 AM

Hubbs and I made grilled Chicken last night. It was so good! I also had some red potatoes and some roasted Asparagus. Can you say "To die for?" Anyway I ate outside hubbs came in and made some (Cough cough) Bread stuffing. He is not gluten-free so yea full blown Gluten! So I took my 2 thighs off the platter and he took the rest in. I ate a perfect meal and was thinking I could have some for the next night. Walked in, he was eating , I looked , the chicken was on the platter with his spatula that was full Glutinized bread stuffing laying right across the chicken!! Aghhhhhh oh well too late! No more chicken for me! So I want to do it all over again! I want to make nore Chicken tonight! I am going to sneak in some gluten-free stuffing so he can make it any time and not CC my stuff! 

Gut Healing?

12 August 2014 - 06:50 PM

Got some ice cream for hubbs, I don't remember the brand but it was a good one. I made sure there was no HFCS in it or any corn products for that matter. Anyhoo I decided to try some, they were lil pint sized tubs. I ate a half pint. So I waited and waited for the symptoms, usually I get swelling , gas, a run to the rest room or two ,with alot of pain. And guess what? No pain at all!! Nothing!! I noticed that butter was not bothering me. But ice cream?? Yummy!! So does that mean my Villi are healing? Ohhh I am so hoping so! This was so exciting for me!! I Am kinda hoping I get corn back. Because just about everything has corn in it! But if not thats ok! It just adds weight anyway. But I got Lactose back!!! Whoo Hoo!! 

Summer Parties

16 May 2014 - 08:40 PM

I am feeling the crunch of summer parties , weddings, graduations and just weekend parties. I feel bad my friends make me gluten-free things and I say , I know thats so sweet but with all my other intolerances I cannot eat gluten-free products. (I don't eat what other people cook) I try and be so nice about it. I try and explain I have to read the packaging before I can eat any thing. My friends even made a salad and I didn't eat any. I think I hurt feelings. But I don't know how CC'd things are. I even went to my step daughters and she just pours everything in a big bowl and then bam I cannot eat it. Even the chips I took got mixed up with a bunch of other stuff. Ughhh! So I go, I bring stuff, then it ends out getting mixed in with other stuff. So I told hubbs I will just eat before. I will still bring stuff, try and get the 1st of what I bring. But just feeling the crunch of all this stuff! I know this is kinda a rant and I don't intend it to be. It's actually kinda depressing. I used to say eat stuff or you hurt peoples feelings! Now I am the one that goes and cannot eat a thing. Pfft!! :( 

My Niece

21 April 2014 - 04:58 AM

My niece posted on FB about her broken leg not healing. They told her it's just not healing so she has to be in a cast longer. I told her she needed to be tested for Celiac. I wish my family was closer. They all live in Ca. I live in Mi. Gosh it bothers me my family is having so many problems yet I don't think any of them are getting tested for Celiac. I think my niece is going to be tested for it tho. She is searching for answers. 

Think I Got It :(

26 March 2014 - 11:34 PM

Yea um I was a tinge glutened! I ate some Tuna and when I ate it! I looked because then my gut! Then the puke! Then I looked and yea it had soy! In it! OMG really? Ughhh I am at our cabin I came up here with the bare stuff I needed! Then this! Are you kidding me? Yea I puked ,fell to the floor and laid there for a few hrs. I am ok now! Are you kidding me!!! Tuna? What was I thinking?? Why why why? OMG I have been sooooooo good! The one thing I did not look at! And hello it is a packaged thing! I was on a no packaged diet for a month! ughh I did so well! I could so kick my self! It's the foil package Not the can I bet the can is better. Ohh who cares at this point? I don't.