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Member Since 27 May 2013
Offline Last Active Mar 03 2014 02:04 AM

Topics I've Started

Going Home For The First Time Since Dx, How To Explain "kitchen Rules" To My Mom?

14 February 2014 - 04:33 AM

I'll be going home next month to visit my parents, and it's the first time I'll be home since being diagnosed. I'll be staying for a month, so I guess I will need to have my own area for food in the pantry/fridge/etc. I asked my mom to grab a skillet and a cutting board for me, which she did. I'm just wondering the best way to explain to her how I need to eat, and what needs to be done to avoid CC. Here are the main issues I'm planning on talking to her about:


-having my own gluten free space for my non-refrigerated foods

-having my own cutting board and skillet

-not double dipping in condiments (i plan to buy new ones for myself and label them gluten-free)


Is there anything else I should cover? I'll be making all of my food myself, so that should not be an issue. My mom is also obsessed with cleanliness, so crumbs on the counter top won't be an issue either. 


Mostly I'm just afraid of talking to her about these things because I'm afraid she is going to be judgmental, or think I'm being too obsessive. Any advice on the best way to approach this? 

Figs Dusted With Flour To Prevent Sticking!

09 February 2014 - 01:36 AM

Today I was really hungry while out and about, so I grabbed a package of dried figs. The label stated that they were 100% figs, with no preservatives. Well, I ate most of the package, and started to feel unwell, and within about twenty minutes I was in the middle of a full on glutening. I looked at the package again, and everything seemed fine, but when I took a close look at one of the remaining figs, I could see a very faint dusting of something white, which I am assuming was flour. GRRRR. Anyway, just letting you all know that this is an issue you might want to think about before eating dried fruit! I did consider it before eating the figs, but then I figured that if they were dusted in flour, it would have to say so on the label. They were processed in Germany, so I don't know if maybe Germany has different labeling laws. 


Note: I am assuming, based on the severity of my reaction and the white powdery stuff on the figs, that they are dusted with flour. I'm not 100% sure, so please don't take this as absolute fact. I'm sure that there are plenty of brands of dried figs that are safe for celiacs, but this one LOOKED okay and, as it turns out, wasn't.  :blink:

I Want To Buy Myself Some Valentine's Day Chocolate. But.

04 February 2014 - 07:13 PM

But do you KNOW how HARD it is to find gluten AND casien free chocolate that doesn't suck? ;-) Well, silly me. Of course you do.


But seriously, does anyone have any recommendations? I have a killer craving for some actual chocolates, with fillings inside! 

Can Stress Trigger Type 1 Diabetes In Prone Individuals?

22 January 2014 - 06:34 AM

I've learned that autoimmune disorders tend to come in groups, and it absolutely terrifies me that I could potentially develop diabetes. I have major problems with dealing with my stress levels, and know that I need to learn some healthy ways of decompressing, but I (I cringe as I type this) just haven't really found the time to figure it out. I know it's important and needs attention. 


Is there anything that celiacs can do to minimize the risk of developing diabetes (and other AI issues, for that matter?)? Is it the same as type II in that it can be triggered by consumption of too much sugar? I hope these questions don't come off as silly, I don't know much about diabetes at all. 

Interstitial Cystitis/painful Bladder Syndrome

03 January 2014 - 07:00 PM

Does anyone have experience with this? Over the past six months or so, I've started noticing the feeling of what I thought was a UTI coming on. The first time it happened, I felt so panicked with the pain that I went straight to the doctor, who did a urine sample and found that I had a very slight bladder infection. I took a round of antibiotics, but still had the pain. Another round of antibiotics. Still pain. There's no way my body still had an infection after those pills! 


Now I'm having the pain every few days. It feels like a burning sensation, not when I go to the bathroom, but just when I'm sitting there or laying down. I read on a forum somewhere that someone traced their symptoms to consumption of artificial sugar, so I'm trying to pay attention to that to see if this is the problem. 


Any advice on how to treat? I went back to the gynecologist before, and he said that everything is perfectly fine. He even did an ultrasound and found nothing out of the ordinary. 

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