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Member Since 01 Jan 2004
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In Topic: Grieving

29 February 2004 - 07:30 PM

Here's my real giggle. ( mean really). My inlaws were absolutely not empathetic to my gluten-free diet. At xmas I offered many times to make the stuffing, but no way. At thanksgiving etc I would cook a cornish hen or similar and take it with me.

Recently my father in law was diagnosed with celiac disease. Now they're all over me for info, recipes etc.

I know this is mean spirited, but I give them a little help and figure he can join a Celiac Assc etc and find out himself how it all workds.

My litttle victory!....tagger

In Topic: Reactions To Gluten

20 February 2004 - 08:02 AM

PS from Tagger,

I just dug out the B Vit I was trying. One was a B Complex and one was Vit B6. They both specify gluten-free and yeast free so there goes that theory.

In Topic: Reactions To Gluten

20 February 2004 - 06:20 AM

Hi Mariann and Sarah,

The last Vit B I tried specified gluten-free, but I'm pretty sure it was synthetic. The allergy to yeast theory might be correct as I was told years ago that I was allergic to mould. On the other hand back in my twenties (a non gluten-free time) I used a product called "Kefir's Brewer's Yeast". It was in powder form and stirred it into my orange juice every moring. At that time it made me feel great! Who know's though what changes have happened in my body since then. At any rate I can't find it anymore.

Thanks for the responses. I would be interested to know the outcome of your "Vit B experiment". Over the last few years I've never been able to stay on it long enough for it to affect my skin. (by the third day I was climbing the walls!)

Thanks for the responses.


In Topic: Reactions To Gluten

18 February 2004 - 08:55 PM

PS To Shar 4,

I have gained 30 lbs in only one year! It's terrifying! None of my clothes fit. I feel very uncomfortable most of the time. I don't know whether it's the gluten-free diet, menopause, or some meds I'm taking. (not to mention Sciatica. It's hard to even walk the dog when you are in so much pain).

I was never a really skinny person, just average and on the short side so the weight gain is really staring to worry me. I don't think I look really different, but I find it so uncomfortable. Soon I will pull myself together and start swimming again, which is my preferred exercise.


In Topic: Reactions To Gluten

18 February 2004 - 08:46 PM

Hi Sarah,

How about: Chatting on the big white telephone or trying on the white porcelain football helmet? I remember those from my university days. Recovery back then was taken for granted. At one friend's house, in the morning, lined up on the kitchen counter, would be 2 aspirins and a glass of orange juice for each guest! Aah, things were so simple then!

The list justies my instinct that my mother also suffers from celiac disease. Among other things the symptom that stands out is sjorgens syndrome from which she now suffers.


PS I haven't heard from anyone who has trouble taking Vit B (the jitters, irritability etc) No takers? Also has no one experienced irritability and/or mood swings after ingesteing gluten?

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