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In Topic: Celiac And Other Auto-immune Diseases

15 February 2004 - 12:44 PM

I can't offer any suggestions for your medical conditions. Sounds like you're having real problems. I can only suggest that before you lose hope and become too overwhelmed, try seeing a different doctor -- I'm amazed at the way there can be so many different interpretations from the same set of symptoms/tests.

My 14-year old son is type I diabetic, hypothyroid, and probably celiac disease. The blood tests came back positive, it's in the family, even the genetic test pointed to predisposition. But biopsy came up negative. Our family is trying to go gluten-free -- 3 months now. But he didn't have the other symptoms you have -- so I don't really know if it's helpful.

I know that gluten-free is a huge hassle (at least at first), but it cartainly won't hurt you medically -- not like some of the medications. If it comes down to "pick your poison", gluten-free is not poisonous. I've heard that after 6 weeks you should feel better.

Stick with it. Stock up on rice, peas, and steak. Pamper yourself in other ways. And don't settle for wishy-washy explanations.

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