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#875909 What Causes Neurological Symptoms

Posted by on 21 June 2013 - 05:41 PM

I have been on a gluten free diet for about a month now, and my health was beginning to improve. But I was still skeptical about whether I am gluten intolerant or not, so yesterday I did a "test". I consumed 2 pieces of gluten pizza and a gluten muffin. The pizza did cause any symptoms right away. But later I ate a muffin and shortly afterwards felt like I had been drugged or poisoned. Brain scrambled and odd thoughts/behavior. Very unclear thought pattern and mental confusion. Often times, this goes along with poor coordination, slurred speech, headache. Maybe these symptoms are tied partially to fatigue, however it does not seem like the usual "food coma" type of symptoms that people experience simply from eating too much. The neurological sort of symptoms are the usual ones I have always dealt with after consuming a food with wheat/gluten, but I had been in denial that it was actually gluten causing it, without definitive proof that I am gluten intolerant. However a few people on this forum with celiac/gluten intolerance seem to report the same/similar symptoms. So are these common gluten intolerance symptoms, and how do they manifest?


It's been nearly 24 hours since I consumed gluten and the headache/brain fog feeling persists, only worse. I hope it goes away soon, because right now I can't think clearly/concentrate or accomplish any work that needs to be done. Just writing this forum post has been a challenge, I've had to revise it several times just to make sure I am making sense. I find it odd that my brain is effectively stunted after consuming gluten. I wonder if it's just fatigue - blood to the stomach/intestines and away from the brain, or some sort of inflammatory response, and can actual brain damage occur over time?


I'm kind of in the same boat as you.  I have severe brain fog and memory problems and I too have not been diagnosed.  In my experience the symptoms can often have a delayed reaction after you eat something with gluten. 


When I read this I got really depressed.





The University of Chicago has one of the leading treatment and research centers for Celiac Disease in the U.S., so my jaw dropped when they posted this:

“While healing may take up to 2 years for many older adults, new research shows that the small intestines of up to 60% of adults never completely heal, especially when adherence to the diet is less than optimal.”[1]Jordan Reasoner

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