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Aspirin Safe? Other Options...

20 June 2013 - 04:20 PM

Does anyone have any knowledge or suggestions related to aspirin usage and how it might affect someone with a gluten problem?  Should you be avoiding aspirin altogether or can you take certain kinds like for example say ibuporofen?  I have been taking a lot of aspirin for a long period of time now and I have since become quite concerned about how it could be interacting with my intestines/leaky gut as well as the long term effects in general.  I've read that too much aspirin can potentially increase the risk of blindness as well as cause other conditons such as aluminum toxicity.  I wonder if there is even a viable natural alternative to aspirin?  I suffer from terrible night sweats, migraines and chronic sinus inflammation especially at night and most of the time aspirin is the only thing that can give me any kind of relief.  What good is it though if it's just causing me irreparable harm in other ways?  I've tried Feverfew but I had no luck with that at all. 


Potassium/magensium seems to help me with the night sweats and Red Marine algae helps sometimes with the inflammation.  These problems like night sweats which we often consider to be merely symptoms of celiac disease/gluten intolerance can also create additional problems of their own.  I didn't know that night sweats can lead to deficiencies of many crucial nutrients such as potassium/magnesium/calcium/iron/zinc which can then wreak havoc upon your system.  And it's a double threat because not only are you not absorbing nutrients propelrly due to your leaky gut but also because you're losing them through the skin as a result of the profuse sweating.  Excessive vomitting and diarhea can only have an adverse impact as well.  I believe that's why this issue is such a difficlt one to tackle because it's so multi-faceted and self-propagating.


I have also been drinking vanilla almond milk mixed with whey protein powder (labelled as gluten-free) which tastes great and makes for a quick and easy snack when in a pinch.  Has anyone else had any experience with it?



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