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In Topic: Blood Tests, Diagnosis, And Dithering

11 June 2014 - 05:03 PM

Thanks for the info. I was so focused on pregnancy and the crazy newborn period that I honestly haven't done anything beyond "okay, now I'm living without gluten." Now that my baby is four months old and I've got a bit of mental space for something past the basics, it's time I got some stuff figured out! And I'm driving my husband nuts with the should I or shouldn't I waffling re: endoscopy.

I'm glad to hear your stories about migraines! Gives me hope.

In Topic: Blood Tests, Diagnosis, And Dithering

09 June 2014 - 07:02 PM

Really, it was just that my doctor thought it would be worth checking because of my thyroid. She's very thorough with things like that! However, in retrospect it might explain some things, like my chronically abysmal iron levels and (maybe?) recurring migraines.

So my doctor is good in that proactive way, but I don't know about the follow-up stuff. Like yearly work-ups. Do you know what extra stuff I should be looking into? I'm in Canada, and it's a bit tough here to get in to see specialists, but maybe I'll ask my doc for a referral...

How old is your daughter? What made you decide to look into celiac testing for her?

In Topic: Blood Tests, Diagnosis, And Dithering

09 June 2014 - 05:41 PM

Thanks! You're right; it does seem pretty obvious with those kinds of numbers, doesn't it? I appreciate the straight talk :).

I'm not trying to sound whiny about this or anything. I have really no desire to "cheat," and I don't think, after a year of gluten free, that I'm suffering by living this way. I just feel like I don't KNOW know, and it's kind of crazy-making. I don't even really know how I actually react to gluten because it's not something I paid attention to at all before going gluten free, so it's been tough over the last year to pinpoint if I've been glutened or if I was just feeling pregnant, for example.

I also recognize that you guys can't necessarily interpret test results for me. But my doctor seems uninformed, too, and I'm having trouble wading through the info to understand just how reliable the ttg-iga positive is as a diagnostic.

In Topic: Early Pregnancy And Blood Test Results

04 July 2013 - 09:03 AM

Thanks for the good, reassuring, advice and the welcome. This is a great community!


I`m lucky that going gluten-free isn't be a huge lifestyle change for us. We already eat a whole-foods diet, heavy on good animal fats/proteins and lots and lots of produce. As far as gluten-containing food goes, in our own home (family's a whole other can of worms, I'm learning!) we actually had only been eating my homemade sourdough for the last little while, so I'll miss that, but there's nothing else to clear out from my pantry. From the research I've done, it doesn't seem like cutting the bread is suddenly going to cause a huge nutritional deficiency. Hooray for real food!!


nvsmom, thanks for the info about test results. I am already nervous about the idea of doing a gluten challenge, especially while caring for a newborn. And I'm going to check in with my doctor about nutrient deficiencies. I've always ALWAYS had low iron levels and had to supplement during my last pregnancy, so that's something in particular I'm interested to look into. I didn't know about the other nutrients you mentioned, so I appreciate it. And I hope I'll have the same good results with migraines as you!

In Topic: Early Pregnancy And Blood Test Results

03 July 2013 - 08:37 AM

Thanks! I think it's just the overwhelm of finding out that I'm pregnant AND that I (probably? maybe?) have celiac all in one week. To be honest, I'm afraid to check about nutritional deficiencies. I'm already pregnant, and there's not much I can do to correct what's in the past... I've got a really good (gluten-free, thankfully) prenatal vitamin that I've been taking for months and months now, so I'm really hoping that has helped with covering any malabsorption issues I might have been having.


mmcc54, my doctor told me that results for kids under 2 aren't always really reliable (especially when talking about biopsy), so maybe that's why her biopsy was negative? I'm taking my two-year-old daughter off gluten along with me because I've had concerns about it for her anyway, and it's easier to just feed her what I'm eating!

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