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Member Since 16 Jun 2013
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Blood Tests, Diagnosis, And Dithering

09 June 2014 - 03:09 PM

Hello! This week marks a year since I got blood results suggesting I have celiac disease. I got the results just a couple days after discovering I was pregnant (hooray!!). I didn't want to stay on gluten for even a second longer, given my concerns about my baby's health, so I didn't bother with a biopsy, figuring I could always do a gluten challenge later.

My initial blood test showed a TTG-IGA result of 110. We repeated the test about six months later, and it was down to only 8. To me that suggests that gluten was the cause.

BUT BUT BUT now I'm dithering. Before getting these results, I never really considered that I could have celiac disease. My doctor only ordered the test because I have/had thyroid issues, which she says often go along with celiac. And then I went gluten free while pregnant, so it was hard to evaluate any improvement because my body wasn't feeling normal anyway.

So now I'm in this spot where I am carefully gluten-free, but psychologically I kind of still don't think I have celiac disease because I didn't do a biopsy.

Do I do a gluten challenge and go through with a biopsy, or should I just get over my denial and accept that I absolutely do have celiac disease? Should I just go out and eat a doughnut one day to see what happens? That last question is only mostly a joke.

Sorry this is so long. Thanks for any insight you can offer. I really appreciatr the amazing resource that is this community.

Early Pregnancy And Blood Test Results

02 July 2013 - 11:59 AM

Hi! I'm very new to this world (two weeks new, to be precise) and was wondering if I might be able to get some advice. A couple weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant (I'm at seven weeks now), and a few days later I got a positive result on a TTG-IGA (I think that's what it was called... the requisition form says "anti-transglutaminase IgA") test that my doctor ordered for me. I am on synthroid after a partial thyroidectomy and my doctor ordered the celiac testing just as a routine thing due to the correlation between the two things. Surprise! My results came back at 110, which my doctor tells me is quite high. I didn't *think* that I had any symptoms, though in hindsight I realize that maybe bloating and gassiness after having a slice of bread isn't normal the way that I thought it was, and I wonder if I can ascribe the migraines I've long suffered and maybe even my thyroid troubles to this.


Because I'm pregnant, I've chosen to go gluten-free immediately and not do the biopsy until I've delivered my baby because I don't want to do anything that involves sedatives, etc. that's not totally, totally necessary while I'm pregant. I know that I'm going to have to do a gluten challenge at the end of all this in order to get accurate results.


I think it's probably just the hormones, but I'm feeling really, really anxious about all this and the baby and everything. Is there anything that I should be doing to make sure I'm helping my body get all the nutrients it needs to support the baby? Is the TTG test fairly reliable? Given that a positive result is anything over 10.0 U/mL, my doctor says I can pretty safely assume I've got celiac. I'm okay with this and actually a little excited about possibly resolving a whole whack of health problems with only ONE diagnosis, but it bothers me for some reason not to KNOW that I need to be gluten-free, even though obviously I'm not going to take any chances during pregnancy. Am I crazy? Is this result as high as my doctor is telling me?

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