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Member Since 17 Jun 2013
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#876468 Celiac Vaccine? Not For Me

Posted by on 25 June 2013 - 05:17 AM

I going back to reply to the original post. I am new here so just got to reading this thread.


Vaccine? I think this speaks to exactly what is wrong with our world and why so many more people have celiac or NCGI these days. We are thinking the wrong way as a society. A vaccine just covers up a problem; it doesn't deal with the real problem. And the real problem is one, we have bastardized wheat to such an extent that our bodies have not evolved enough to keep up with the changes in wheat, and two, that we have become a wheat/processed carbohydrate dependent society.


We need to get back and look at the real issues here. A vaccine, while handy to some, is not the answer. It's like a band-aid solution. What's next? Will be need a vaccine in the future due to GMO corn, tomatoes, fruit......all because we think we are smarter than the innate Universe that originally designed REAL, honest-to-God food. 


More big-pharma and GMO crops are not the answer - they are the problem.

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#876228 Ontario And Ohip

Posted by on 24 June 2013 - 04:12 AM

Ugh....I am in Ontario too and was seriously thinking about going and getting tested. I hate our sick care system. Honestly, the province does NOTHING to support preventative medicine. All they do is play catch-up once you are already sick. I am so tired of our crappy health care. And, I agree, it would make more sense to offer the testing for no fee so celiacs can stay healthy, hence, saving the tax payer and the entire system money in the long run. The $125 for the test, if paid by OHIP, could save literally thousands and tens of thousands of dollars later when that celiac gets really sick. Ugh....makes me want to pull my hair out.

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